Westlake SA07 Review & Ratings: Sport & All-Season Radial Tire

Westlake has been a popular manufacturer of tires when it comes to offering value for money products. The tires on offer from Westlake comprises the best features and high performance under a budget. The Westlake SA07 tire from Westlake is one such addition to its range of all-season tires that provides excellent performance and traction on all kinds of the surface with increased durability and strength. This Westlake SA07 review will let you know how it has been developed for sports range cars and high performing cars to provide an exceptional driving experience at high speeds. The tires are primarily meant for touring and are great for long rides and comfort. The tire has a dual steel belt and polyester cord body design, which helps to provide extra strength to the body and makes the tire much more durable in different riding conditions. The dual steel belts help to retain the shape and strength while driving on off roads and potholes.

Westlake SA07 review

The tire has been designed to enhance the driving experience. It includes four wide circumferential grooves and treads design in the form of cross siping to improve the traction on the surface and promote even treadwear. The center rib has been designed to provide maximum contact patch and increase the stability and responsiveness of handling. It not only helps while driving on the highways or off-road but mostly helps in making the covering of the vehicle much more easier and lighter.

Choosing your best size Westlake SA07

Made for Sports and Speed

The Westlake SA07 is being offered as a performance tire in the market with the tag of Sports. It is because the tire can be used on different types of cars, even the one that has been designed for performance and high speed. These sports tires can easily cope with any sport intended vehicle. They can easily maintain high speed without compromising on the comfort and driving experience. Not only that but since it can efficiently operate at high speed, it generates less noise and heat while doing so, increasing the life of the tread design and the tire. It comes with a Symmetric all-season tread design which simplifies tire rotation, thus increasing the tire and treads life.

What are the Pros and Cons of Westlake SA07

This Westlake SA07 review will provide a detailed description of all the pros and cons of the tire, which makes it one of the best selections in the market. Due to its great value for money design and features, the tire has many pros and a few cons. Let’s have a look at the most common Pros and Cons that the tire has to offer its consumers.


  • The best part of getting a Westlake SA07 tire is the kind of performance it provides at the given cost. It is one of the best value tires one can ask for. For the type of performance and comfort it provides, it is easily one of the best tires and can easily come under anyone’s budget. Also, if the cost is to be taken into consideration, these tires have a very long life, further reducing the value of the user to replace them sooner.
  • The tires have been designed to perform in performance and standard cars equally. It is why it has been designed to work in all seasons and track. The tire provides an exceptional grip and traction on almost all surfaces and also maintains the right balance and steering control for the driver. If you are looking to tour in multiple locations, then this is probably one of the best tires for your vehicle.
  • The tire is excellent when driven on wet roads. It provides a balanced ride on both dry and wet surfaces. With increased traction and grip, especially on the damp surface, it is excellent to use in areas with swamp and water.


  • Although the Cons of the tire are very few, the major con of this tire is the lack of grip and traction on the surface with Ice and snow. The tire is not able to provide a pleasant riding experience on the snow, probably because it was not specially designed to ride on such a surface. Other than Ice or snow surface, the tire has been providing excellent performance on different surfaces.
  • Another feature that seems to be lacking in the tire is the cornering performance. Although it does have a good cornering ability, when it comes to sports performance vehicles, it is unable to give the same cornering ability at high speed as when used in standard cars at normal speed range. Since the tire has been specifically designed for sport performance vehicles, cornering could have been a little better.
  • Although this cons is not visible in other Westlake tires, this tire in specific creates a lot of road noise while driving. The more tire to road contact intensifies, the higher is the noise.

Features of Westlake SA07 that makes it value for money

When it comes to Westlake Sa07, this tire has proven to be the best value for money tire, especially if you are looking for a tire to replace in a sports performance vehicle. It is why the tire comes with multiple features that make it great for touring and off roads trips.

  • The Symmetric all-season tread designs simplify tire rotation options for better wear and tread life making it last longer and provide a better grip and comfort while driving on different kinds of surfaces.
  • The tire has rigid, siped and the center rib which enhances the lateral stability of the tire and also increases the control though continuous tire to road contact.
  • The cross-grain siping pattern on the tire increases traction by creating an extra surface area for an enhanced grip. The increase in the surface area also decreases the friction on contact and makes the driving experience on the tracks and off roads much easier and smoother from bumps.
  • The tire has been added with rim protectors to increase the life and durability of the tire. It also helps to protect the sidewalls of the tire and prevent easy wear and tear.
  • The tire has four wide circumferential grooves and tread blocks with cross siping to improve wet traction and promote even treadwear.

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Overall Thoughts

This Westlake SA07 review brings out all the features and benefits of using this tire in your cars. The tire has been built to provide superior performance and all-weather performance to customers under a strict budget. The tire has been designed concerning the modern-day design of SUV and sports performance cars. The Larger and deeper tread design is excellent to provide stability and grip while riding on off roads or muddy areas. The tire is not at par with the steering and cornering performance of high-end premium tires, but it offers a lot when compared to the price it has been provided on. The tire could have been better, but one cannot complain about the performance. The ride is smooth and comfortable with a minor issue of road noise. However, if you are looking for a better performance tire in a strict budget, then Westlake SA07 is the one to go for.


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