How to tell if you need new tires

Tires are one of the most important things when it comes to comfortable driving. Just as your feet get sore from long walks, so does your tire from continuous usage while driving on different kinds of road conditions. Since tires are so crucial for a vehicle, it is essential to take care of them and replace them after a certain period. Worn out tires can lead to a catastrophic accident if not taken care of. If you want to know the answer to the questions “how to tell if you need new tires”, then this article will help you in understanding that. One should regularly check their car tires to keep a check on their tread conditions. There are a lot of ways through which you can check their tires and know the right time to replace them. The most common option is to visit your mechanic and ask him to check your tires regularly. If you want to self check the tires, the best way would be to check the treadwear after a certain period. The difference between a new and old tire is the tread condition. When a tire is new the treads are deep and even throughout the tire. However, after driving for a few hundred miles, one can easily notice the treads of the car wearing out. Let’s have a look at some of the few things that one can check to make sure that it is the right time to replace the tire.

Tread Depth

When you buy a new tire, the tread depth of the tire is at least 1.6 millimeters. The more you use the tire, the thread keeps on decreasing. If you drive on wet or multiple surfaces, the tread will wear off sooner. Therefore one should always have a gauge to measure the tread depth in a similar way professionals do. If you can measure your tread depth, then you will have the exact idea of when the tires need to be replaced. The tread pattern is responsible for creating enough grip and traction while driving on a track; it is always recommended to replace the tires before they wear out completely. A tire with uneven tread can lead to an accident or driving issues. If you look at the new tires introduced in the market, all of them come with a treadwear indicator. These indicators are significant to check whether it is the correct time to replace the tire or not. These tread bars are perpendicular to the tread design and start to show as soon as the tire starts wearing out.


The sidewall of a tire is one of the most sensitive areas which can easily be affected by dirt, stone or any pointed things while driving on the road. The most common problem in the side walls is that most of the tire does not have a thick layer to protect them from any impact. Due to this, the sidewalls wear quickly and are very prone to have punctures. Sidewalls are heavily impacted by dirt, stone and other foreign materials while driving off-road. It is why when they start to wear out, you will start seeing cracks in the side walls. It is one of the most visual ways to detect whether a tire is due for replacement or not. As soon as you see any cracks in the sidewalls, it is better to replace them immediately, or it could lead to an unfortunate incident while driving.

Bulges and Blisters

Tires that have been running for a long while often seem to have bulges and blisters. Bulges and blisters are a sign to show that they have been running for a long time in different kinds of tracks. These pulses and blisters are a very serious matter since the bulges are already under the pressure of the vehicle and can explode anytime. An explosion in the tire due to it can cause a severe accident. Therefore, if you see any bulges or blisters in your tire, it’s time to replace them immediately. Such tires cannot take the weight pressure of any vehicle and can blow out anytime while riding. These bulges and blisters are easily visible and can easily be detected by a user. The rider should constantly check for such problems after a certain period of time.


There are cases where people are often riding their vehicles on off roads and uneven surfaces. Such a track can cause a lot of vibration which every rider has experienced. Due to such vibrations, the most common impact appears on the tire and the shock absorbers. While driving on such tracks, one should constantly take care and check their tires to ensure that there are no damages and punches. If you have been driving on such a road for a long time and have experienced a lot of vibrations, then it might be a good idea to get your tire checked. Long rides in such conditions can also cause problems in the tire and lead to an uncomfortable driving experience. Long rides on such uneven tracks can wear out the treads and make the tire useless on certain parts.

Weather conditions

It is true, and many drivers have experienced that tires behave differently in different weathers. You might notice and experience more damage to the tires in summers rather than winters or vice versa. Most of the consumers experience such conditions in summers where the tire pieces blow off on the road while driving. Also, if you are storing your tires in a particular season such as summers, you might see a certain amount of damage even when they are not being used. Driving in summers could be a little Harsh on the tires, so one should make sure that they are never under-inflated. During such seasons a person should frequently check the tread of their tires to make sure that they are not wearing sooner. Keeping the tires clean and washed at all times could also increase their life. However, if summers are heavy on your tires and restart to wear out bit by bit, it would be much better to replace them immediately with the excellent and all-season tire.

Driving Comfort and Noise

The last thing that you will experience as a driver would be the driving comfort and the driving experience. When a tire is new, the amount of driving comfort and handling is precise and well balanced. However, as soon as the tire starts to wear out, you will feel a lot of vibrations and uncomfortable driving experience on different kinds of road conditions. As soon as the driving comfort starts to deteriorate, you should know that the tires have started wearing out, and now it’s the correct time to replace them. When It’s the time to replace the tires, you will also experience a lack of stability and control in the steering. The tires provide a good amount of stability while cornering. It possesses a risk both to the driver and the car, as the vehicle could lose balance due to lack of stability. So as soon as your driving experience starts to go down, you must know that this is the right time to replace it with new tires.


Now you have the answer to the question “how to tell if you need new tires”. You can check all these tire features and decide if your tire needs replacement or not. If you are still not sure about it. Then you can visit your nearest mechanic to get the tires checked.

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