Cooper Evolution Tour Review & Ratings: All-Season Radial Tire

Cooper as a tire manufacturer, has been offering good quality all season and durable tires for vehicles like Cars, Coupes, Sedans, Minivans, etc. They have now added another offering to their Evolution series of tires called the Cooper Evolution Tour. This Cooper Evolution Tour Review will provide you complete details on the features, pros, and cons and why you should or should not buy this tire for your vehicle.

Cooper Evolution Tour Review

The all-new tire form the company is an all-season tire which is known to provide an excellent driving experience over different types of terrains and surface. The tire will also perform well in different seasons and weather, providing superior traction on dry and wet surfaces. The tire has a five-rib tread pattern to provide additional traction on a dry surface. This extra traction and grip prove very useful when you are cornering the vehicle, adding more stability. Cooper has also used their patented Stabiledge technology while manufacturing this tire, which adds to the driving experience by enhancing the performance on a dry surface.

The tire has four wide circumferential grooves along with 3D Micro-Gauge siping, which is very useful for the tire while driving on a wet surface. It provides additional grip on wet streets and prevents slipping and skids. The sipes are full-depth, which makes sure that they can comfortably grip the road and removes water, dirt, stones, etc. from the tire while driving. The 3D sipes on this tire are suitable in aiding traction on the surface with snow and ice.

Choosing your best size Cooper Evolution Tour

Features of Cooper Evolution Tour Tires

The tire has been built with sophistication to add maximum features in the tire, to make it the best offering in the budget. The tire uses patented technology from Cooper, the best tire compound in construction, and unique tread design to provide the best performance regardless of the track. Let have a look at some of the features that you can find in this tire.

  • The tire has been made with the trademark Stabledge Performance, which delivers stability to the tire along with strong handling and excellent grip on dry roads. Using the Stabledge performance, the tire has been made to provide exceptional performance on all kinds of tracks, without compromising comfort while riding. Also, with increased performance comes the high durability of the tire that makes the treads last much longer.
  • The tire has been made from a modern tread compound and treads design. With innovative technology, the company uses an engineered compound that is technologically advanced and much better in performance. Using the modern compound promotes longer and even tread life on the tires.
  • Coupled Tread ribs and grooves on the tire provide much better handling and stability. Due to this, the casing is very easy to handle and provides better steering control to the vehicle.
  • The tire also has 3D Micro-Gauge siping, which provides exceptional gripping and even better braking. Be it cornering, braking, starting, or stopping, these siping handles any maneuvers very well.
  • Strong internal structure and the shoulder notch increase the durability and life of the tire. It also helps to absorb minor impacts from dirt, pointy objects, and stones while driving.

Pros and Cons of Cooper Evolution Tour Tires

The tire is great when it comes to getting an all-season value for a money tire. Cooper has been known to provide some of the best tires in a budget range for its customers. Although they come at a great price, they do not lack any features apart from a few minor ones, that are visible in every tire. Let’s have a look at some of the more prominent pros and cons of these tires per user experience.


  • The tire provides excellent handling in the dry surface such as highways and off roads. The tires have been manufactured for touring and can easily be used at good speeds on both on-road and off roads.
  • The engineered modern tread compound gives maximum strength to the casing of the tire, making it resistant to small wear and tear. It also increases the durability of the tire, making it last longer. The treads of the tire are uniquely designed, and the siping allows even wear on the treads.
  • It provides an excellent grip and traction on the surface with Ice and snow due to extra broad tread patterns that dig deep in the snow to drive through it.
  • The tires are quiet when driven on highways with a decent speed limit. Apart from the noise, the casing also provides a very comfortable ride.
  • Enhanced steering control while cornering and better balance while driving is also experienced with this tire. The tire has also been known to give a decent fuel economy when used.
  • Ribs and grooves on the tire facilitate precise handling of the vehicle and cornering.


  • The tire seems to perform well but does make a lot of noise when it comes to high speed driving on highways. On average, speeds, the noise is almost negligible, but it increases with higher speeds. The noise is not very loud but still noticeable inside the cabin.

You can see more about Cooper Evolution Tour All-Season Tire in this video:

Overall Thoughts

The Cooper Evolution Tour tire is available in 48 different sizes and has speed ratings T, H, and V. The company provides a 60k and 65k mile tread warranty depending on the speeds rating. As per this Cooper Evolution Tour Review, the tire is great for all-terrain and all-weather use and will provide a comfortable and excellent handling experience to the driver. The tire does provide equal traction on dry, wet and snow surfaces and also has enhanced durability due to siping and tread design. The even tread wear will make the tire last longer and prevent uneven wear. If you are looking to buy a tire with multiple features, good drivability, and longer life under a budget, then this should be your first option.


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