Cooper Evolution HT Review & Ratings: All-Season Radial Tire

When it comes to purchasing an all-season tire for our cars, as a customer, we have lots of expectations from the tire. Cooper has been one of the tire manufacturers that have been able to satisfy the requirements of their customers when it comes to purchasing the perfect tires. This Cooper Evolution HT Review will provide you all the details about the casing, which makes it one of the best all-season tires in the market. Cooper has been improving and innovating the technology used behind the manufacturing of their tires. These tires also pack the patented technology from Cooper, which increases the durability and strength of the tire. This all-season tire has been made with engineered tread compound and a unique tread pattern inspired by the Cooper’s Stabiledge technology. It provides an increase in the grip and traction of the tires on multiple surfaces. The technology also helps the car while taking tight corners as it allows for better stability and also gives an even wear. The tire has been built to provide you with exceptional performance season after season due to its increased strength and durability.

Cooper Evolution HT Review

Like the other Cooper tires in this range, this tire also comes with the Stabledge Performance technology, which makes the griping and traction on the dry surface even much more durable. Therefore, using the tire on the highway with higher speeds will never be a problem as these tires can provide better grip and cornering ability. The tire has been designed to be used for SUV, crossover’s mid-range vehicles, etc. This tire in specific is excellent for vehicle owners who want high performance from their 4×4. They have been designed to be used on highways, streets, dry, wet, and snow patches. The tier performs well both on and off-road.

Choosing your best size Cooper Evolution HT 

Features of Cooper Evolution HT Review

The Cooper Evolution series has been one of the best ranging tires when it comes to a balanced performance at competitive rates. The tires have been priced just right to provide the right amount of value for the price that is paid. The tire has been packed with features that make it a perfect choice for car owners. Let’s have a look at multiple features that are commonly found in Cooper tires.

  • The unique tread design in the tire has been carved to make the ride less noisy. The tread design minimizes the noise when the tire hits the road. Apart from less noise, tread also adds to the comfort of the riding as it makes the rides on off roads and uneven surfaces even more comfortable.
  • The tires have 3D siping that enhances the grip on the wet and snow surface. The tire has already been packed with the Stabledge performance technology, which increases the traction on a dry surface. At the same time, the siping in the casing helps to provide a similar kind of driving experience in the wet and snow surface as well.
  • The ribbed pattern on the Cooper tires has been designed to increase the steering control for the driver. It increases the steering response of the vehicle, where the car immediately responds to the change in the direction through the steering.
  • The 3D siping also provides excellent maneuverability to the vehicle, which is very much essential while cornering where the stability provided to the car from tires should be maximum.
  • The tire comes with Hydroplane resistance, which means that the water channels built in the tire allow the water to evacuate from the tire. It will enable a better braking and a shorter stopping distance on a wet surface.
  • The tire uses a high-silica, all-season compound molded into asymmetric tread design for ease of rotation to promote even wear.
  • The tier has two wide, high-strength steel belts reinforced by two nylon cap plies, which helps to stabilize the tread and increasing resistance to punctures.

Pros and Cons of the Cooper Evolution HT

The tire has been designed with the combination of the latest technology and patented innovation from Cooper tires. The overall reviews of the tires from its owners have been mostly positive. It is due to a large number of pros that this tire has. Let’s have a look at some of the essential pros and cons that can help you decide on whether to buy this tire or not.


  • The tire provides excellent wet and dry traction and performance in all seasons, which is much better than any other tire in the same range.
  • The tread design and compound used to make the tire are of high quality and provide a great riding experience to the driver. It makes the rides more comfortable and enhances the steering control, thus increasing the balance of the vehicle while driving.
  • The tire provides exceptional cornering ability to the vehicle. It increases the stability of the cars in corners at high speeds, making it much safer while riding.
  • The tire can be used for both touring purposes and riding on the highway at higher speeds.


  • Although it claims to provide exceptional grip on all kinds of surfaces, which is correct, it does lack a bit on the tracks in the winter season. The performance in winter is not bad, but a bit lower when compared to the performance in other seasons.

You can see more about Cooper Evolution HT All-Season Tire in this video:

Overall Thoughts

This Cooper Evolution HT Review was meant to list down all the features that make the buying decision easier. The tires are a great offering in the line of existing all-season tires. Traction and grip are excellent on multiple surfaces, and the performance at high speed is great. It cannot be compared to any premium all-season tires like Michelin, but the execution is still satisfactory, considering the price. Winter performance can be a bit on the downside, but it always gives a satisfying performance there as well. Overall it is an excellent quality tire and fits almost all budgets at a fair price. It comes in 16-20 inch sizes, and with T or Hi-speed ratings. A 60K mile tread warranty is included on all sizes of this tire as well.


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