Cooper Discoverer ST Maxx Review & Ratings: All-Terrain & Mud-Terrain

When it comes to excellent performance and enhanced durability, Cooper tires are always on the top of the list. It is because of their superior quality and the patented technology they use in tire manufacturing. This Cooper Discoverer ST Maxx Review will list down all the features that make it one of the best mud performing tires in its category. The tires have been engineered to provide exceptional performance on tough off-road conditions and provide excellent handling capabilities. The three-ply construction of this tire makes it better in strength and durability when compared to the two-ply construction available in other tires from different manufacturers. The tire has been designed for use in Crossovers, SUV, large vans, etc. Like the other Cooper tires, this one also uses the engineered and robust silica compound to make sure that the treads last longer. It also has chip-resistant treads combined with Armor Tek-3 construction, which makes it better in withstanding impacts from rock, mud, dirt, and other things that hit the sidewalls and the tread area.

Cooper Discoverer ST Maxx Review

Apart from the unique tread design, the tire also has angled ply construction that helps in dispersing things while driving, which can adversely affect the tread life of the tire. Due to this, one can expect the tire to take more beating on the road and survive much longer. The tire also comes with a 4-5 rib design with the ST Maxx feature that provides better performance on the highway at high speeds, when it comes to grip on a different kind of surface. These Cooper tires excel in it as well. It provides an exceptional grip on multiple types of surfaces and roads. The tread design also evacuates water from under the tread to provide great braking and handling ability in wet areas.

Features Of These Tires

When it comes to Cooper Discoverer ST Maxx, these tires are filled with features. It uses new technology as well as the patented technology from Cooper. The tire is a great value for money when compared to some of the premium and tires from the same segments. It offers more features like enhanced durability and performance with more strength to the casing of the tire. Let’s have a look at all the features that you can experience while driving on these tires.

  • The tire comes with a Hybrid 4-5 rib design, which is a design introduced by Cooper tire comes with a Hybrid 4-5 rib design, which is a design introduced by Cooper tires. The rib design helps to the low tread pattern and evens out the wear as well. Consistent wear also enhances the performance of the tire with time, leading to a seamless driving experience. The rib design is also very useful in decreasing the noise of the tire while driving. The sound while driving on highways at high speed is almost none to negligible.
  • The tire also comes with Dual Draft and Non-Parallel Groove Walls, which reduces stone retention and resists cutting and chipping of the tire while driving on roads with mud, dirt, and stones.
  • The tire also has stone ejector ribs, which help to discharge any debris from the casing and prevent them from sticking in the tire.
  • Tough new silica compound with three-ply and Armor Tek-3 construction makes this tire one of the durable in its range. Due to this, the tire has a longer tread life and less wear. It also adds up to the cornering ability of the tire, which helps in providing extra stability when taking corners at high speed.

Pros And Cons Of This Tire

When you are looking at a tire like this that offers more on everything when it comes to features, it becomes tough to point out any cons in it. Since the tire has been given a premium built with exceptional driving experience, there are a lot of pros that make the tire an ideal choice for those who are looking to get a similar and comfortable experience while driving on different terrains. Cooper tires have always been great when it comes to competitive pricing and value for money features. Let’s have a look at some of the pros and cons of the tire that will help you in making a decision to buy it.


  • Dry performance on these tires is excellent as they provide a better grip and traction on off roads and dry patches.
  • Since it is an all-terrain tire, it also provides a good grip on the wet surface as the tread design evacuates all the waters from the treads to provide better braking and stability on the wet roads.
  • The treadwear on these tires is very less and even, providing a better life.
  • The amount of noise the tire makes while driving is the least we have come across in its range. The casing is very quiet and comfortable to ride. The comfort level on long rides will remain the same, and you will never feel tired while touring as well.
  • Acceleration, turning, cornering, braking, and steering, what it may be, the tire is excellent in everything and will never leave you disappointed.
  • Since the tire has been specially designed to perform on the surface with mud, it provides excellent handling and grip on the surface with mud, dirt, stones, etc.


  • Although a great tire, there are very limited sizes available for the design. Only if it could have more sizes, it could have been used in many other vehicle types.

You can see more about Cooper Discoverer ST Maxx Tire in this video:

Overall Thoughts

This Cooper Discoverer ST Maxx Review has all the features, pros, and cons listed above. The tire is an excellent combination of aggressive off-road riding and smooth experience on highways. If you want to use a tire regularly, this is the perfect choice for that. The tire is surprisingly quiet and very comfortable. The kind of confidence it gives while taking a corner at high speed is just great. The tread life, on the other hand, is just exceptional, and you can expect more life from this tire when compared to a similar range by other tire manufacturers. The only things that do not go in its favor are the non-availability of more sizes. Apart from that, the tire does not have any flaw and is one of the best Cooper’s offerings. The tire comes in a range of 15-20 inches with a standard limited tread warranty.


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