Cooper Discoverer SRX Review & Ratings: All-Season Radial Tire

This Cooper Discoverer SRX Review is meant to highlight all the features that Cooper tire manufacturers have brought out into this product. Cooper is a reputed and famous name when it comes to tires. The company has been using its patented technologies to provide some of the best all-season tire offerings in the market. Adding another tire to the range, Cooper Discoverer SRX has all the features that you can expect from an excellent all-season tire, that too, under a competitive price. The tire has been manufactured in different sizes and is available for medium-size cars, crossovers, SUVs, etc. as a highway and all-season class tire. The casing comprises the latest in Cooper’s tire making technology, which gives it better traction and grip on multiple kinds of surface and adds to the comfort of the riding quality. The tread design has been made more in-depth to make sure that it sticks to all types of surfaces and provides better steering control as well. The company has been using the next generation and engineered compound for their tires that contain high amounts of Silica to increase the traction on a dry and wet surface.

Cooper Discoverer SRX Review

The tire also comprises 3D micro-gauge sipes, which is a feature of almost all tires manufactured by Cooper in this specific range. The sipes provide increased grip and traction, especially on the wet surface and light snow. It also offers more stability while driving and even wear to enhance the life of the tire. An increase in instability is also due to the sidewalls, which increases the balance of vehicle while cornering it at high speeds. Even this tire like its predecessors comes with the Stabiledge technology, which makes steering more precise while improving the response time of the tire while cornering or turning.

Choosing your best size Cooper Discoverer SRX 

Features of Cooper Discoverer SRX

Apart from being one of the most popular tire manufacturers, the company has made sure that this tire does not underperform in any area. It is why the tire is proving exceptional performance on all tracks, at a high price. This tire shares the same DNA as the previous tires from the company and includes all the patented features. Let’s have a look at some of the features that are provided by this tire.

  • Inclusion of Cooper’s patented technology Stabiledge Performance gives the tire excellent drivability. It not only increases the comfort and driving experience of the vehicle but also increases the amount of traction and grip provided on the dry surface. Although they do work like an all-season tire, they will give the best performance on dry and off roads.
  • The tires also come with new technology from Cooper. It is called the Wear Square Indicator, which is another great innovation from the company that helps to identify whether the wheels need to be replaced or not. Visual wear indicator allows you to see the approximate tread life remaining on your tires quickly. It makes changing the tires much more comfortable as you exactly know when to change them.
  • The significant improvement in Cooper’s tire over others is the use of Silica and engineered compounds for tires. They use a Competition-grade resin that enhances wet traction and gives an advantage you can feel on the road.
  • Cooper also used 3D Micro-Siping Gauge in this tire to maintain a stable shape during acceleration, braking, and cornering and enhanced grip and traction on all seasons and surfaces.
  • Symmetric tread design, allowing easy cross-rotation to minimize uneven wear.Center and intermediate ribs consisting of independent tread blocks further contribute to the total number of edges, improving grip in inclement weather.
  • The symmetric tread design of the tire allows smooth cross rotation to make sure that there is no uneven wear. Also, the center and intermediate ribs have an independent tread block, which increases the number of edges. It also helps to provide a much better grip on the wet surface.

Pros and Cons of the Cooper Discoverer SRX

The tire has a lot of different features, which makes it one of the best and affordable tires in its range along with the function. Most of the customers who have already bought and used this tire have mostly given a positive rating to the tire, except for a few minor issues. Let’s have a look at some of the pros and cons that this tire provides.


  • Due to its unique and excellent tread design, the tire provides exceptional performance on wet and dry roads. Not only that, it adds to the balancing but also improves the stability of the vehicle on off roads and any uneven surface. The tire also adds up to the balance while cornering at high speeds. Overall, the tire will be able to give a complete performance.
  • The tire also improves the overall handling of the vehicle. Handling has become much more responsive and sensitive at a higher speed.
  • The siping in the tire has made sure that the tread life of the tire wears off evenly and lasts for a very long time.
  • The tire can be used in any medium-size vehicle, SUV, SRX, and. Since the tire uses Silica in its construction, it helps to reduce the tire noise and reduce rolling resistance.


  • Although the tire has been designed to provide a balanced grip and traction on all kinds of surfaces, it still lacks a bit of grip on the snow and ice surface. The performance is not completely bad, but less than what it provides on a dry surface.

You can see more about Cooper Discoverer SRX All-Season Tire in this video:

Overall Thoughts

Cooper has recently launched a lot of tires in their different range, which acts all-season. This Cooper Discoverer SRX Review was made to differentiate this tire from the rest and show how it is a better option to choose from. The tire has many strengths and including build quality smooth rides they offer. When compared to similar tires in the higher market, services are excellent when compared to the price being charged. Traction and handling on different roads and platforms are great. If you are always riding in snow, then the tread would not dig into it for extra grip, and you might feel a little lack here. Wear Square technology makes it easy for the user to understand when the tires need to be replaced. Overall, it is one of the better tires available in the market today, and one can easily opt for an all-season tire.


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