Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring Review & Ratings: All-Season Radial Tire

Copper has been one of the most successful brands when it comes to offering durable and premium all-season tires in the market. Cooper has been using its patented and innovative technologies to design a better and durable tire. One such tire offered by them is the Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring. This Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring review will give you the information on all the premium features that this tire provides and how it performs under multiple conditions. It is the latest tire in the company’s lineup and also filled with a lot of features. This tire is one of their best offerings in the touring lineup. The tires can perform on higher speed on the highway and easily dissipates heat while driving, to prevent faster wear of treads. It can be used on Sedans, Coupes, Crossovers, and SUVs. The tire hosts a new type of technology from Coope which increases the longevity and performance of the tire. Very similar to their other offerings in the market, this tire also has the newly engineered silica tread compound that includes up to 4 times more silica when compared to similar tires offered by the competitors.

Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring Review

The added silica not only adds to the increasing life of the tread but also increases the grip of the tire on the dry and snow-covered surface. The tire has also been giving the 3D micro-gauge grooves, which are very common in Cooper tires. The grooves make sure that the vehicle gets extra stability while cornering and driving at higher speeds. The primary strength of the tire is the traction and grip it provides on multiple surfaces. Since it is an All-season radial tire, it can easily drive on any surface while giving a good driving experience all over.

Choosing your best size Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring

The all-new features of Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring

Apart from the few features listed above, the tire packs a lot more features for the driver. The tire has been designed to bring the best of all worlds. Strength, durability, tread life, grip, and traction, etc. is what you can expect from this tire. Let’s have a look at some of the most premium features of the tire that makes it one of the best offerings under its range.

  • The tire comes with “Stabledge Performance,” which is trademark technology by Cooper. It helps the tires to provide better handling and grip while driving. Use it on a 4×4, and you will feel the driving experience you have never had before. The tire is extremely grippy in the dry surface and provides enough stability at high speeds and corners.
  • Like the other Cooper tires, this one also comes with “Wear Square Indicator.” It allows the user to check the current condition of treads and how much wear the tread has gone through. These indicators help the user to guess the appropriate time on when to replace the tires.
  • Modern Tread Compound is one of the best innovations that the company engineers have brought out. The tread compound allows the tire to last much longer than average tires. The tread compound also makes sure to increase the overall strength of the tire.
  • 3D micro-gauge siping is also present in the tires, which enhances the braking and cornering ability of vehicles along with grip and traction.
  • It comes with a thicker sidewall and shoulder to make sure that the tires do not wear easily and are saved by dust and dirt while driving.

Pros and Cons of the tire

When it comes to pros and cons, the tire is filled with features and provides a very balanced riding experience in all kinds of conditions. The tires have been designed to have a competitive edge over the other tires in competition. The company has been producing these tires at a competitive price to make sure that these are preferred over others. When it comes to cons in the tire, there are very few of them, which is definitely not a deal-breaker for the tire. Let’s have a look at some of the pros and cons this tire has to provide.


  • The tires come with excellent traction and grip on different types of surfaces. It is mainly because it is an all-season tire and has been made to drive in all kinds of service.
  • The driving experience of this tire is great. You can easily drive for longer hours and distance with this tire on your vehicle. It absorbs any kind of bumps and potholes easily. Speaking of which, this tire can provide you one of the best and most comfortable riding experiences.
  • The kind of features that it packs and the price for which it is available to the customer is a great deal-breaker. The tire is good value for money and performance.
  • The uniquely designed treads have been great for the tire as it not only provides the rider excellent grip over multiple surfaces but also allows him to have more control and stability while driving on the track.
  • The tires are completely quiet when driving on the highway at high speeds.


Although the tire has been designed to perform on all types of surfaces, it still shows a lack of grip on the track with snow and ice. The tier can provide much better performance in dry areas, but that does not mean the tire does not work properly in ice and snow. Tires will provide a decent grip on that track as well, but it is just expected that the tires could be better on ice or snow.

You can see more about Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring All-Season Tire in this video:


Overall Thoughts

This Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring review was meant to list down all the features that are provided by Cooper. The tire at its current price is an excellent value for money and can be used for touring and high-speed riding. The tire offers excellent performance on all kinds of surfaces, mainly dry and wet. Cornering and stability it offers are the best in class. If we compare it to something similar that this tire provides, most of its competitors are listed at a higher price with the same features. The ride quality of these tires is very comfortable and is great for driving on both on and off roads. The tires are very smooth and provide comfortable ride quality at long distances. Overall the tire quality is great, and if you are looking for a radial tire that can provide consistent performance in all weathers, then this would be the perfect choice for you. The tire comes with a 50k and 60k mile warranty, with speed ratings of H, V, and W. The tire comes in multiple sizes between 15 to 19 inches.


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