Top 10 Best UTV Tire for Trail and Mud (Update Reviews for 2020)

Purchasing a tire for a UTV (Utility Task Vehicle) is not easy for someone who has to do it for the first time. A good UTV tire provides a great grip on the road and improves the overall balance of the vehicle. A UTV can be used for various things but the major feature of a UTV is how it handles different kinds of surfaces easily. A UTV is meant to handle mud and patchy road easily. To get the maximum performance from the vehicle, one needs to have the best UTV tire for trail and mud.

Before purchasing the tires for your UTV, there are a lot of things one needs to consider. Tires are a long-time investment for your vehicles and it does not just help you operate the vehicle properly, but also adds to the safety while driving. If the tires are not selected properly, it can lead to less grip on the surface, causing accidents and faulty handling of the vehicles. Let’s have a look at some of the things one needs to check before purchasing the tires for a UTV.

What to look out for UTV tires

What to look out for UTV tires

While searching for tires out in the market, it is very easy to get confused with so many varieties available in the market. However, if a person knows what to look out for in these tires, it becomes easier for them to select the best from the lot. The features mentioned below should be thoroughly checked so that one can get their hands on the best available tire in the market.


When you go out to buy the UTV tires for trail and mud, the first thing that one should need to check is the weight of the tire. The weight is responsible for multiple things in the UTV. Balance, steering, efficiency, acceleration, and average are a few things that are affected by the weight of the tire. Selecting a tire based on weight would also count the personal preference of the rider on what kind of tire one wants and for what purpose. One should understand that the more the weight of the tire, the heavier the vehicle would be. The added weight will provide more grip to the vehicle on the surface but will decrease the acceleration of the machine. Also, the handling of the vehicles becomes a little tougher.

However, such wheels are great for that extra grip on the mud and trail and also helps to maintain the center of gravity of the vehicle. An increase in the weight of tires also increases the balance of a UTV. Make sure that the weight of the tires can easily be handled by the engine. Since heavier tires add additional load on the main engine and its components, once needs to make sure that the engine has enough spare power to easily move the tires.


The size of normal UTV tire is somewhere around 24-26 inches and is ideal for the vehicle so that the suspension on the machine can provide optimal performance. However, many riders like to equip their UTV with larger size tires when compared t the stock ones. In such case one also need to lift the suspension of the vehicles, so that the tires can be arranged and work properly.

Most of the UTV vehicles can easily handle the bigger shape tires but one needs to make sure that larger the tire, the more changes you vehicles would need. It is always recommended to change the new set of tires similar to the size of stock tires as you do not need to do any re-adjustment to the vehicle and using stock tires will not cause any problems to the steering and driveline components. Still, if you want to stock up your ride with larger tires, it is recommended to get a tire expert for help to understand the limit up to which you can change the tire size.

Tread Pattern

The UTV tire for trail and mud should have the best tread pattern on it to provide the maximum grip on the surface. Since only the rider knows the terrain he will be riding on, the perfect decision on selecting the treads can only be taken by him or her. To select a tire with tread patters better for trail or mud, one can either go for the company recommended tires that one can easily find in stores, or select the one as per their choice. There are many specific tires in the market with tread patterns specially designed for a UTV to work best on trail and mud. Unless you are only using the UTV on mud and trail, you can go for tires that provide a good grip on all types of surfaces.

UTV tires are expensive due to their shape, size, and usage. If not selected properly, one can easily lose a lot of money and also cause damage to the vehicle and self while riding it. Therefore, it is recommended, that one needs to follow all the checks mentioned above to make sure that. They select the best possible tires for their UTV.

Let’s have a look at some of the best UTV tires for trail and mud available online. That can bring the best out of your UTV vehicle.

1. EFX Tires MotoClaw ATV/UTV Radial Tire

EFX Tires MotoClaw ATV/UTV Radial Tire

  • ● Non Directional tread pattern for better driving experience on off roads
  • ● Aggressive shoulder and side lug for better grip
  • ● Expensive

EFX tires have been reasonably popular when it comes to purchasing a tire for a UTV. This tire in specific has been designed to provide the best performance from a UTV. These have aggressive shoulder and side lugs for better grip on any terrain. So you can take your vehicle on any road and surface with these tires. The tires are heavily built with an 8-ply rating, which reduces sidewall pinch when cornering the vehicle. These tires have been made with the best quality material and have DOT street legal approved radial technology. The tires have a 1-inch lug that can work in any terrain, giving the best of driving experience. The tread pattern on these tires is unique when compared to other UTV tires. They have a unique non-directional tread pattern, making the best to be used on off roads as well.

2. Sedona Mudda Inlaw Radial Tire

Sedona Mudda Inlaw Radial Tire

  • ● Best tread design for driving in mud
  • ● Strong and heavy outer carcass
  • ● Very expensive

These UTV tires from Sedona are unique and meant for off roads. If you are frequently driving your ATV into muddy areas and want tires that can easily glide you through it, then look no further. The tread design is unique. The 2-inch deep center lug increases to more outside to paddle through any mud pit. The outside carcass is ultra-strong and can get your vehicle out of any surface. The tread pattern is the main feature of this tire, which is designed to be aggressive and offers exceptional deep mud traction with self-cleaning ability. The tires are a beast when it comes to driving in a muddy area, and the overall durability factor of the tire is very high. If you want to experience the best of driving in deep mud, then there is nothing better than these tires.

3. Full set of Kenda Executioner

Full set of Kenda Executioner

  • ● Good quality tread pattern
  • ● An affordable set of 4 tires
  • ● Lack of sidewall thickness

When it comes to purchasing a good quality UTV tire in a set of 4, which comes under a reasonable price range, then these are the tires you should go for. These UTV tires come with a directional and heavy tread design that is great to be driven on surfaces with deep mud as these tread designs dig deep and provide better traction. The tire has been built with a six-ply rating, due to which the quality of the construction and material used to manufacture it are of excellent quality. The tire can not only provide you a good grip on the muddy surface but also on other kinds of the surface to drive on. Due to its durability, the company claims that it can last longer than other tires in its range. If you are looking to buy the set of 4 tires at a reasonable cost with good quality, then you can buy these at a very good price.

4. GBC Spartacus Radial ATV Tire

GBC Spartacus Radial ATV Tire

  • ● Deep tread pattern for muddy surface
  • ● Designed for both ATV and UTV
  • ● Not meant for highways

GBC Spartacus is an excellent tire with the exceptional build quality, providing a great driving experience to both an ATV and UTV driver. This tire has been designed in a way that it can be used both on a UTV and ATV. The casing is slowly built, and due to this, it has increased durability and strength. The 8-ply construction rating makes the tire high in quality, but it is not meant to be used on highways. The tire has explicitly been designed to be used in muddy, deep mud and swap surface. These surfaces require deep tread patterns to dig deep and provide more traction. The same features are also available in this tire and are one of the best off-roading tires in the market for a UTV. If you are looking for a tire that can be used both in an ATV and UTV, then this is a perfect choice for any customer. A higher footprint provides a comfortable ride and a better grip at the surface.

5. Maxxis M966 Mudzilla Tire

Maxxis M966 Mudzilla Tire

  • ● Great tread design
  • ● Higher traction and 1.5 inch deep treads.
  • ● Can be used both on UTV and four-wheel drive ATV’s
  • ● Lack of side lugs and protection
  • ● Not great for use on highways.

If you are looking for deep tread patterns on your UTV tire that can quickly drive you through a swamp or mud, then this is the tire you should look out for as an option. The tire has been designed to be used on UTV’s and large four-wheel-drive ATV’s. The tire provides ultimate traction and has raised outline white letter design on the sidewalls, which is the first in the industry. The tires are 28 inches tall for maximum ground clearance. With a 1.5-inch tread depth, the tires provide excellent traction on the surface. The casing comes under $130 and is an excellent choice for off-roading and driving in the muddy surface.

6. Complete Set of 4 All-Terrain ATV/UTV Tires

Complete Set of 4 All-Terrain ATV/UTV Tires

  • ● All-terrain tires
  • ● Made with 6 ply rated nylon
  • ● Original equipment tread design
  • ● Less protection on the sidewalls

These sets of tires are one of the best possible options out there in the market. The set of 4 tires comes with a tread pattern that provides a smooth riding experience on all terrains. The set includes 4 tubeless tires, with 2 for front and the other two for the rear. The tires have original equipment tread designs and fitments provided for a variety of ATV and UTV applications. The dept of these tires is 0.79″, 25×8.00-12 (Rim Width: 6.5″, 370lbs@7psi), and 25×10.00-12 (Rim Width: 8″, 420lbs@7psi).

The built quality of these tires is the exception and will definitely last for a long time of usage. The tires are made of 6 ply rated nylon. With such high-quality material, the tire can easily resist punctures and abrasions. The tire also has additional shoulder lugs to protect the sidewalls and rim of the tire. The tread pattern of the tire is great for handling in mud, rocks or dirt with superior traction in woods and desert. The tire has been designed as an all-terrain product so that it can handle any kind of abuse from different types of surfaces.

7. Set of 2 New WANDA ATV/UTV Tires

Set of 2 New WANDA ATV/UTV Tires

  • ● Deep and wide tread patterns
  • ● 6 ply nylon construction
  • ● Excels in multiple terrains
  • ● Lack of protection on sidewalls and rims

Another great option for UTV tires is this product from Libra Trailer. The Tires are built of great quality material and are the UTV tire for trail and mud. The tire comes with a proper factory warranty and deals with any kind of manufacturing defect. The tread depth of the tire is 0.6″ with the Rim Width: 6“. The built quality of the tire is great and can handle a max load of 340lbs/7psi, load/speed index: 43J. The tires are lightweight, durable and have a smooth rolling design that was easy handling and steering.

The rolling design is also helpful in providing quick acceleration and braking when required. The tread pattern on the tire has been widely spread, which drastically increased the grip of the tire over mud and sheds mud of the tire immediately. The tread pattern has been designed in a way that works perfectly over different types of terrain. The tire is built with 6 ply rated nylon and can resist punctures and abrasions. He tire weighs around 40 pounds and lots of positive reviews from the customer regarding its usage.

8. Set of 4 SunF Power. I ATV UTV all-terrain Tires

Set of 4 SunF Power. I ATV UTV all-terrain Tires

  • ● Directional angled knobby tread design
  • ● Great fit for multiple types of vehicle
  • ● High grade 6 ply nylon construction
  • ● The tires are heavier as compared to similar tires in the category

These are another very popular set of UTV tires available online. They are certainly the best quality UTV tires in the market with a great tread pattern design which is sure to provide the rider with the best possible grip over the terrain and smooth handling. The tires have Directional angled knobby tread design that performs in all types of terrains and suitable for surfaces like a desert, mudrocks, etc. The tire has been designed to survive the harshest racing condition and give a long and durable life. The tires can be used on an ATV, UTV, Go Kart, Golf Kart or Lawn Mowers.

The built quality of this tire is the exception and has been created with 6 ply nylon for extra resistance to punctures and abrasions. The tread pattern is the most essential feature of this tire. It helps to reduce any chances of a skid that can cause accidents. The traction control on these tires provides great control over the handling. Aggressive shoulder knobs provide protection to rim and extra traction on the surface. Although these tires are great in feature, their cost isn’t high. These tires are available at a great price and are definitely a steal for the price.

9. ITP Mud Lite AT Mud Terrain ATV Tire

ITP Mud Lite AT Mud Terrain ATV Tire

  • ● Center tread pattern for a smooth ride
  • ● All-terrain and condition tires
  • ● Extended wear rubber compound for durability
  • ● Lack of traction on a wet surface

The set of two tires from ITP is one of the most rugged tires you will be able to find in the market. These tires have a ¾ inch lug and have been designed and sized to be compatible with most of the late or old models of UTV and ATV. The tire has been built with an extended-wear rubber compound to provide durability and maximum life to the tires. The 6 ply mud tire has been designed for trail and provides excellent performance.

The tread pattern on the tire has been designed in such a way that it immediately slings the dust from the tires to avoid a decrease in traction. The unique center tread contact area provides better steering control and smooth ride, similar to what we get in a radial tire. The tire weighs around 19 pounds is one of the UTV tires for trail and mud.

10. 2 New WANDA ATV/UTV Tires


  • ● Best quality built construction
  • ● Directional V-shaped angled tread
  • ● Sidewall width is less when compared to tires under the same range.

 Wanda tires for mud and trail offers premium quality build and construction when it comes to tires for all-terrain. The tires have a tread depth of 16mm with a rim width of 8 mm. The tires are built to last and can easily handle the load capacity of 310 lbs @ 5psi. The tread pattern on the tires is directional V angeled design with wide gaps between tread blocks. The tires also have shoulder lugs protect rims and sidewalls. The construction is made from 6 ply nylon to resist punctures and abrasion.

Types of UTV Tires

There are multiple types of tires available for use in a UTV. The main aim of these tires is to support more heavy vehicles at a reasonable speed. Since the tires for a UTV are made of higher ply rating and thick sidewalls, they lead to a smoother ride at a higher speed. To get the best tires for a UTV, you will have to check out the variety of tires available in the market. The major category of UTV tires is a Radial and Bias Ply. The most popular ones are radial tires as they provide a better driving experience on any surface.


A radial UTV tire allows the sidewall and the tread to function as two independent features of the tire. This feature makes sure that the tire provides a better grip at the surface and also on the sidewalls. It prevents any kind of damage to the tire on the side by dirt or sharp objects. Radial tires can cost a bit more than the Bias Ply tires. However, they provide extra life and durability as well. When it comes to driving comfort and balanced steering experience, radial tires are great at it. If you are looking for an excellent overall experience with your tires, then getting a radial UTV tire should be the obvious choice.


A bias-ply tire consists of multiple rubber plies overlapping each other. The crown and sidewalls are interdependent. The overlapped plies form a thick layer that is less flexible and more sensitive to overheating. However, when it comes to handling heavier loads and running at a reasonable speed, these tires are great. The tires provide a good grip on the surface and will surely last a long time due to the thickness and multiple layers of material used to make it. These are great to use on the rough and muddy surface.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Much Slime for UTV Tires?
A. Ideally, one should use 24-32 ounces of slime in the tire as a sealant which keeps the temperature of the tire down and also helps to seal any kind of punctures on the way. Using this much quantity will keep your tires covered for a long amount of time

Q. Do UTV Tires Need to be Balanced?
A. Balancing the UTV tires is an optional activity. It would depend on the type of surface one will drive on and the speed with which the vehicle will be driven. If you drive mostly on off roads with higher speeds, then the tires will require balancing more often. However, if you drive with less speed, then the requirements of balancing will not be necessary. Driving with higher speed on off roads, bumps, and potholes cause vibration, and the fitting and balance of the tires become loose. In these cases, the driver will have to get the balancing done.

Q. Why are UTV Tires Smaller in the Front?
A. UTV front tires are smaller in front to increase the steering balance. Since the front tires are smaller, they have less surface contact, making them easier to steer. Less surface contact from small tires makes it easy to drive from side to side.

Q. Our ATV and UTV Tires the Same?
A. Not exactly. There are different tires available for a UTV and ATV due to the difference in their riding experience and use. UTV tires are heavier and bigger than a UTV tire. Some brands provide a standard tire that can be used on both an ATV and UTV. But, ATV is used for a single person to drive. Therefore the tire requirements are very different from that of a UTV.

Q. How to maintain UTV tires?
A. Make sure to keep a check on their air pressure regularly and check for any punctures or sharp objects stuck in them. Make sure to keep the tires clean and dry during the use, and while held in the storage for the offseason Keep a check on the tread patterns to make sure that they do not wear out completely, leaving the driver at risk. As soon as they wear out, replace them with new tires.


Searching for one of the best UTV tire for trail and mud is not easy for someone who is doing it for the first time or someone who does not have any knowledge about tires. However, if one searches for the features mentioned above, it will become easier to search for a good UTV tire from multiple options available online and offline. One can also decide to select the tires mentioned above as they are one of the bestselling selling UTV tires and have a lot of positive reviews from people using it.

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