Top 10 Best Travel Trailer Tires (Update Reviews & Buying Tips for 2020)

Keeping an RV trailer has become somewhat a trend nowadays, because of the interest of people in traveling around the world in their trailer. A trailer can help you travel around the world at your convenience, enjoying beautiful scenery and countries. A trailer can help you carry around your second mini home or any other heavy loads while traveling in your car. The most important thing that makes a trailer so useful is the travel trailer tires. The best travel trailer tires are available in the market in multiple varieties, with each having its features and specialty. Travel tires are very critical in enhancing the experience one has while driving a trailer. One needs to make sure that the travel trailer tires should stay in the best shape, as they are very critical to the safety it provides on the road.

10 Best Travel Trailer Tires Review in 2020

So if your travel trailer tire is worn out and you are looking for a new pair of tires, then we have a list of some of the best trailer tires in the market. Also, there are some things that one needs to understand and check before buying a new pair of tires. Trailer tires are available in multiple sizes depending on the vehicle you are driving. If you are new to choosing a new set of tires for your trailer, then it is recommended that you should take the suggestion and guidance of a professional to help you choose the best tires for your trailer.

The travel trailer tire has a few things in common. First, the build quality of the tires is just amazing. Since these tires have to handle a lot more weight, they have been built strong and durable to do so and that too for a long period. Second, these tires have tread patterns that can work on almost all surfaces. A trailer is meant for long journeys and the terrain it goes through can change after a few hundred kilometers. That is why these tires have been designed with tread patterns that provide maximum grip and protection from skids in almost all terrains.

If you do not want the hassle of researching while buying a new set of tires for your trailer. Then we have the list of the best travel tires out in the market. These tires have the best review from the customer and have been manufactured by the best tire companies.

1# Carlisle Sport Trail LH Bias Trailer Tire

Carlisle Sport Trail LH Bias Trailer Tire

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Carlisle Sports trail tires are one of the best and great tires in a budget for your trailer. These have been designed for a trailer that is used in places like construction, agriculture, and cargo hauling. It can easily handle off roads and any uneven tracks. The tire is compatible with almost all types of trailer brands like Alumacraft, Continental, Crestliner, Karavan, Lund, Mako, Nitro, Ranger, Regency, River Pro, Big Tex, Carry-On, E-Z Hauler, FastTrac, Lark United, Miska, Performance Trailers, PJ, etc. The tires are manufactured with the best quality material and have a thick sidewall to prevent the insertion of any pointed products. The max capacity it can handle is 855 pounds with a recommended air pressure of 55 PSI. If you are looking for trailer tires that can run for a long time and can comfortably grip an uneven surface to enhance the riding experience, then this is the tire to go for.

  • Budget tire
  • Can easily be installed on almost all trailer brands
  • Lacks thickness at the bottom

2# ST 205/75R14 Freestar M-108 6 Ply C Load Radial Trailer Tire

ST 205/75R14 Freestar M-108 6 Ply C Load Radial Trailer Tire

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Freestar has been one of the most preferred brands when it comes to purchasing a trailer tire. Freestar trailer tires are high in quality when it comes to sidewall protection and their durability. You can always expect a Freestar tire to last longer than another brand of tires. With the load range rating as C and a 6ply construction, the max payload capacity that this tire provides is a massive 1760 lbs. A single tire comes at the cost of below $60, which is excellent considering the kind of quality it delivers to the customer. If you can spend a bit extra for an extra smooth ride and driving comfort, then this is a perfect choice.

  • ● High-quality six-ply construction
  • ● Thick sidewall protection
  • ● Not great on off-road tracks.

3# TRAILER KING ST Radial Tire


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Driving comfort and traction is one of the great features of this tire. Trailer King has been one of the best tire experts when it comes to manufacturing tires specifically for the trailer. The tire comes at below $55 and has a center groove for consistent tracking and stability. It improves the balance of the vehicle while driving and helps to handle the sway while driving a loaded trailer. The tire has enhanced shoulder design for heat dissipation, which leads to a longer tread pattern life on the tire. Nylon construction improves the strength of the tire, making it better at handling high loads. If you want a complete all-rounder for your trailer, which can work on any surface, then this is a perfect fit for your trailer.

  • ● Can handle high capacity loads easily
  • ● Enhanced shoulder design for heat dissipation
  • ● Could have been thicker at the bottom.

4# 2-Pack Trailer Tire On Rim ST205/75D14 205/75 D 14 in

2-Pack Trailer Tire On Rim ST205/75D14 205/75 D 14 in

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This pair of two tires are great for people who are looking to replace the old tires with something that can last a lot longer than the average life of a trailer tire. With a rating of load range C, these tires can easily handle a load capacity of 1760 lbs with a tire pressure of 55 PSI. Similar to some of the most popular travel trailer tire brands, this is also compatible with almost all popular brands of boat trailers and cargo trailers like Alumacraft, Continental, Crestliner, Karavan, Lund, Mako, Nitro, Ranger, Regency, River Pro, Sea Ray, Big Tex, Carry-On, E-Z Hauler, FastTrac, Lark United, Miska. These tires have a vertical tread pattern, which provides a good grip on the road, making it easy to drive and balance. For a few extra bucks, one can get a high-quality pair of trailer tires.

  • ● Increased tire life and durability
  • ● Fits almost all popular trailer brands
  • ● Sidewall thickness can be increased
  • ● Little expensive

5# Silver Mod Trailer Wheel with Radial ST205/75R15 Tire

Silver Mod Trailer Wheel with Radial ST205/75R15 Tire

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Silver mod trailer wheels are excellent quality trailer tires that can easily increase the riding quality of the trailer even with higher loads. With innovative tread patterns, these tires are great to be used on different types of tracks. With the load range rating of C and a 6-ply construction, one can be assured of its quality and strength. With a weight rating of 1820 lbs, it is stronger and has increased resistance than other tires.

  • ● Increased load capacity
  • ● 6-ply construction
  • ● Expensive

6# Set of 4 New Premium Free Country Trailer Tires

Set of 4 New Premium Free Country Trailer Tires

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Buying the travel trailer tire is not easy. However, to make it easier for customers, many companies have introduced some of the best quality tires that are being loved by people. These are some of the best tires for trailers available in the market. The tire has a full cap Nylon Overlay, which is not available in other products in this category. It provides durability and is very critical to safety. It increases the traction and skid control and also helps to provide a better grip on the surface.

The tire also has a scuff guard ring on the tire wall which increases the protection on the side of the tire, which is very prone to damage. The tires have been made with 10 ply heavy-duty material and are steel-belted with a speed rating of 75mph. The tires have been specially designed to work on trailers and would be a perfect fit for them. If you are looking for an all-rounder tire for your trailer, that is good in quality and does not burden your pocket, then this is the one to go for.

  • ● Scuff guard for side protection
  • ● Full Cap ply overlay
  • ● Made from 10 ply heavy-duty material
  • ● The tire a little heavier

7# TRIBLE SIX Tubeless Radial Trailer Tires

TRIBLE SIX Tubeless Radial Trailer Tires

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These tires from Trible Six has been designed to work on multiple trailer vehicles. The tires have been made compatible with trailers like Alumacraft, Continental, Crestliner, Karavan, Lund, Mako, Nitro, Ranger, Regency, River Pro, Sea Ray, Smoker Craft and many more. This gives an added advantage to the customer as they can use different trailers. The tire has been built with heavy-duty 10 ply nylon which helps to resist punctures and abrasions. The construction on the tire makes it very durable and gives it a longer life.

The tire has been designed in such a way that it provides an overall smooth operation while driving on any surface. As per the company, these tires are a perfect fit for almost all the trailers in the market and can easily manage any surface, be it dust, mud, wet surface, etc. The tires also have a lot of positive reviews from the customer, making it one of the most popular choices in the market. If you have more than one trailer, or if you are worried whether a brand of tires will fit your trailer or not, then simply go for these tires without the worry of the fitting.

  • ● Compatible with almost all trailers
  • ● Heavy-duty 10ply nylon construction
  • ● Smooth-rolling design for high performance
  • ● Lack of side tire protection

8# Free Country Premium Trailer Tires ST

Free Country Premium Trailer Tires ST

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This new set of the tire from a Free country is one of the travel trailer tires in the market. The 8 ply rated nylon construction makes these tires strong and lightweight at the same time. The tires can take a maximum load of 2540 lbs @65 psi. The best part about these tires is the tread pattern. The tires come with deeper tread when compared to other tires in the market. The deeper treads provide much better protection and safety while driving. Also, the deeper tread provides improved traction and skid control on the road. The tires have been specially designed for trailers only and are a great fit and do not exert any load on the trailer. If you are looking for a lightweight yet strong tires, then this is one of the best options.

  • ● Lightweight and sturdy
  • ● Designed specifically for trailers
  • ● One year warranty
  • ● Not as abrasion and puncture-resistant as other tires.

9# Trailer Tire Traimate Load Range D 8 Ply Radial

Trailer Tire Traimate Load Range D 8 Ply Radial 

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These tires have been designed with keeping all-weather conditions. When you travel in a trailer for long-distance, you are bound to face different types of weather while driving. Therefore, these tires have been designed with an all-weather tread pattern on the tires, which will give excellent traction and skid control on any kind of surface. The sturdy 5 rib tread design has been made to work on all types of terrain, regardless of the weather condition. The 8 ply nylon construction gives the tires a good built quality. The company has used an easy rolling tread compound which makes the tire durable while using it on rocks, mud, dirt, etc.

  • ● Excellent tire for all weather conditions
  • ● Sturdy 5 rib tread design
  • ● Less payload capacity

10# Premium Trailer Tires from Free Country

Premium Trailer Tires from Free Country

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If you are looking for a set of two travel trailer tire for your vehicle, then this could be one of the best options for you. The tire has been made with 8 ly nylon construction which gives a max payload capacity of 2540lbs @65 psi. These tires also have a deeper tread design for improved traction and skid control. The tires are meant to work on all types of surfaces, providing excellent grip, regardless of whether it rides over mud, rocks, dirt or wet surface. The tires weight around 50 pounds and has a rim diameter of 15 inches. The customer review from this tire makes it the best tire in its category at a great price.

  • ● Lightweight and durable
  • ● Strong 8 ply construction
  • ● Lack of protection on the sidewall

What to look out for?

What to look out for
Before you go put to buy the best travel trailer tire for your vehicle, research and know about the things that you need to check in the tire before purchasing it. Mentioned below are the most important elements that one should check out for in a travel trailer tire.


The weight of the tire is one of the most important things that one should primarily consider before it. The difference in weight of the tires can bring a lot of changes in the way it handles a trailer. The tire with lighter weight will not add to the overall weight of the trailer but will have less life than a tire with more weight. The weight depends on the type of tire; the component is has created from and the amount of material the tire has been made from. If you use heavier tires for your trailer, then it will also add to the weight of the trailer, adding more load on the engine.

Heavier tires have a thicker layer, providing it more life and durability. Using heavier tires gives more grip on the road but reducing the acceleration. Recently companies have launched lighter tires, which have been made with engineered rubber, which is much lighter and twice as strong as normal rubber tires. These tires are more costly, but a great way to decrease the weight of your vehicles with the same durability and strength as of heavy tires.

Tire Size

Now, this would entirely depend on the trailer you are using, as each vehicle can use a different size of tire. One thing that you should remember while replacing the tires is that using any other tire. Except the stock size will also require additional changes in your vehicles. Using stock tires does not add many changes to the vehicle configuration. Using the tires of the same size, keep the weight and shockers change the same, so you do not have to worry about the new tire performing well.

However, if you change the tires with a bigger one, then you need to adjust. The shocks absorbers as well and will have to increase the height of the vehicles as well to adjust the larger tire size. Getting a larger size tire will depend on the surface you are riding on. Mostly, stock size tires do the job well for a trailer to work on any surface. You need to ask a professional and check the maximum size of a tire that your trailer can support with no big changes to the riding quality of your vehicle.

Tread Pattern

They make most of the travel trailer tire with a tread pattern that will work on almost all surfaces. Since they mostly use trailers for long journeys. The tires are designed in a way that they work well on dirt, mud, snow and all the other surface. While buying a new pair of tires, you need to make sure that the tread patterns available on the new tires are compatible with different surfaces. This information is usually given by the manufacturing company by default. However, you can also research on the internet which tread pattern is the best for trailer tires.

Other Important Factors

Apart from these details, there are a lot of other essential factors that one needs to keep in mind before finalizing the perfect travel tire for their trailer. Before finalizing the travel trailer tire, make sure that you know the maximum weight limit of the tire that is allowed to be installed on the vehicle. If you install a tire more than the weight and the size limit, it will adversely affect the vehicle and might cause engine failure in some cases. When you try to use a travel trailer tire, which is bigger than the allowed limit, it adds extra pressure on the engine and also slows down the movement of the trailer. With the additional load on the trailer, the engine is going to stress and heat up, decreasing the life and performance of the engine. Another critical factor is to select the tire as per the terrain you are going to drive on. Wet, snow, dry, mud, or any other surface, the tire should be compatible with those terrains and surfaces. While doing so, also think about the temperature you will be going to drive mostly in. With extreme cold and hot temperatures, the size and performance of the tires can change. Just before selecting, make sure that the tire brand is providing you with enough warranty. The more the warranty, the more it reflects the confidence of the tire manufacturer.

What is a trailer tire

Trailer tires are mainly meant to be used on a trailer or bigger vehicles other than a car. Trailer tires are not similar to the tires used in a car. These tires do not provide as much traction and are not as thick as a standard car tire. These tires have a much more impenetrable wall on the side when compared to car tires to avoid dust, dirt, and pointed things. Since trailers are heavy vehicles and do not run at high speed, these tires are used to handle their sway due to the weight. Trailer tires increase the amount of balance the vehicles have.

In terms of compatibility, these tires can be used on multiple vehicles. Since these tires are not designed to go above 65km/h speed, it can be used on various middle-sized vehicles that are heavy and used to carry loads of weight from one place to another since they are designed to handle the sway due to the pressure. These tires are only meant for middle size cars such as a trailer. When it comes to speed, these tires have not been designed to handle speed properly. Since they are not as thick as a car tire, using it at high speeds will wear out the tires very quickly. The average speed that the manufacturers suggest is 65-70km/h. Anything above that can increase the amount of heat and wear out the tires faster.

Types of trailer tires

There are different types of travel trailer tires available in the market, depending on the type of tire, their use, and functionality. Most of these trailer tires are meant for all-weather usage and provide a decent performance during the ride. Most of the trailer tires can be differentiated by the type of material used to build then and the tread patterns to provide traction and grip.

Radial tires are one of the most common types of tire available in the market. Almost all trailer drivers prefer the radial tires since they have thicker walls for added comfort. The tires are designed with three-layer technology. Reinforced steel at the bottom, style belt in the middle, and rubber on the top are used to create the tread pattern on the wheel.

Another popular trailer tire type is Bias Play, which is differently inbuilt when it comes to radial tires. These tires are created by combining multiple layers of material into one. It provides strength to a fully loaded trailer even at high speed. The built for side and front are different.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are good trailer tire brands?

A: When it comes to good trailer tire brands in the market, there are a lot of different brands and manufacturers that provide a wide variety of trailer tires across the range. Some of the few good trailer tire brands used by people globally are Trailer King, Carlisle Radial, Freestar, custom, Maxxis, Wheels Express, and Carlisle. Apart from these, there are multiple other trailer tire brands that you can check out at a store.

Q: How long do trailer tires last?

A: A trailer tire should work between three to five years, after which one should immediately replace them with the new tire as they no longer have a grip on roads. It is because the tire is not as thick as a standard car tire is, and it is only meant to be driven at an average speed of 65-70 km/h

Q: How do I replace trailer tires?

A: Replacing a trailer tire is as easy and similar to that of a car. Untighten the screws and use the jack to lift your car and change the tire. Once done, lower the jack and tighten the screws. If you are unable to do so, then it would be a better option to call a professional to help you with it.

Q: Are trailer tires different from car tires?

A: Travel trailer tires and a normal car tire is very different, both in their make and the purpose. A normal cal tire is thick at the bottom and can be used at very high speeds. The material used to make car tires can absorb heat easily and can last a lot longer. When it comes to trailer tires, these are thick from the sides but not so much at the bottom. Due to this, trailer tires are not meant to be driven at a speed of more than 65km/h. Also, since they have a heavy and thick sidewall, it can help to resist dust, dirt, and sharp objects, coming in contact with the tire.

Q: How much are trailer tires?

A: Trailer tires can cost you as low as $75 for a pair to $200 for four tires. The price will depend on the quality of the tire and the type of material used to manufacture them. Many trailer tires are created with engineered rubber that provides better life and durability than standard trailer tires. Such tires can cost over $200 for a set of 4.

Q.How to keep trailer tires from dry rotting?

A: Preventing the tire from rotting will not only help to increase its life but also decrease the cost of replacing the tires too frequently. To prevent dry rotting clean and dry the tires before storing them and keep them away from the sun. Keeping the tires in a dry and cold environment will make sure it does not rot. Make sure to use your spare often instead of your normal tire to prevent rotting.


All the tires mentioned above are some of the best offerings for the travel trailer tire in the market. These tires are compatible with most of the trailer models in the market and provide all-round safety while driving. The deeper tread design on these provide an enhanced grip on the surface and make the driving experience much better. If you are doubtful about the tire you need to buy from the market, then you can simply go from the options listed above as they are the best selling tires in their category. Or you can check the features above to buy the best available option. Make sure that tires should be compatible with all weather and surface conditions to provide the best experience with the trailer. So the next time you are out for buying a trailer tire, you would know what to look out for.

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