Best off Road Tires for Truck (Reviews & Buying Tips) for 2020

Tires play a very essential role for driving a truck, that too on an off-road surface. They build tires strong and can handle a lot of weight, as it is used to carry heavy cargo from one place to another. With such strong loads, the tires become important for the vehicles as it helps to maintain the balance of the vehicle and improve the handling. A good set of tire for a truck needs to be thick and should have enough protection so it can easily survive for a long time on any surface and does not suffer through any wear and tear easily. The best off road tires for truck will have a lot of different features that make it perfect to ride on the surface like mud, rock, snow or dry. The most important thing while purchasing the tires for a truck is the size of the vehicle and the load that the tires can handle.

Since a truck is mainly used to send goods from one place to another, it is very obvious that they ride for a long distance with less break in between. Because of the long-running, it is possible that tires suffer through wear and tear and sometimes cannot handle the load easily. If the tires are not good, it will put a lot of load on the engine as it decreases the vehicle speed and acceleration. Because of this, the engine has to put in more power, especially on inclined roads. It leads to more pressure on the engine which eventually decreases the engine life and increases the use of fuel, thus increasing the operational cost. While the operation value of the truck is higher than any other vehicle, a good set of tires is a major component to decrease the maintenance and operation value of the truck.

There is a lot of different brands of tires for a truck that can provide a great riding experience on any surface. One can either select a pair of tires from those or can select a good tire for their truck from the options available in the market. However, if you will spend the time for selecting the tires yourself, then you need to have details about the features a truck tire should have to turn out be the best selection Also, it is always suggested that one should take the recommendation or suggestion from an expert before trying to buy a tire themselves. It will make sure you regret your tire selection later. Let’s have a look at some of the basic features that one should look out for before buying the best off-road tires for the truck. Also, we will list a few of the best selection of truck tires available on the market, that has been used and loved by customers worldwide.

1# Federal Couragia M/T Light Truck Radial Tire

Federal Couragia M/T Light Truck Radial Tire

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If you are looking for the best off-road tires for trucks, then there is no chance that you will miss these out. These tires are some of the best light truck tires available in the market. The company has not compromised in the quality of the tires and are some of the off-road tires for a truck. They have designed the tires to have increased traction, durability and grip. They have designed the tread pattern in such a way that it clear all the foreign substances from the tire to ensure a constant performance on any surface. The tire is perfect for any kind of light truck vehicle and is one of the best available choices.


  • Lightweight and strong
  • Engineered tread pattern to provide grip and traction


  • Lack of sidewall protection on the tire

2# Nankang N889 Traction Radial Tire

Nankang N889 Traction Radial Tire

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These are one of the best mud tires available in the market for a truck. They have designed these tires with a wide and deeper tread pattern designed to make sure they provide a better grip in off-road and muddy surfaces. The quality of the tire is top-notch and has been made from the best quality material. The tire provides increased traction control and helps in preventing skids on multiple surfaces. The tire weighs 52 pounds and has a diameter of 16 inches. The customer using these tires has provided a lot of positive reviews. We know Nankang tires to be one of the best quality tires in the market and these tires are no exception to that. If you are looking for the perfectly balanced tires that can last you for a long time, then this is one of the perfect options there is.


  • Engineered deeper treads
  • Increased traction and grip on muddy areas


  • Tread performance is only satisfactory in snowy or wet areas.

3# Mastercraft Courser MXT Mud Terrain Radial Tire

Mastercraft Courser MXT Mud Terrain Radial Tire

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If you are looking out for the off-road tire for truck, then you will come across these tire once. They make the tire with 10 plies rated high-quality material and has a white outline lettering. These tires have been designed and engineered in a way that provides the best performance on the off-road or muddy surface. These mud-terrain tires are great for carrying around weight easily on such surfaces. With the increased traction, the driving becomes much easier and also increases the steering balance. The tire is lightweight at 48 pounds and has a rim diameter of 16 inches. The most special feature of the tire is its tread wear indicator that helps to identify the right time to change the tires.


  • Lightweight and best for mud terrain
  • Special white line indicator that tells about the tread wear


  • Higher cost

4# Federal Couragia M/T Performance Radial Tire

Federal Couragia M/T Performance Radial Tire

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These engineered tires have been made with one of the best quality material and have been considered to the ultimate truck companion on off roads. The tires have been designed in such a way that it improves and provides incredible traction on the road, that is not available on any other tires in the same category. The heavy-duty construction also provides better grip and durability. The tread patterns on the tire have been designed after a lot of research and are made to clear foreign substances to ensure better and constant performance in the entire ride. These tires are the perfect choice for lifted trucks and will last you a long time. The tire comes at a weight of 50.7 pounds and has a rim diameter of 16 inches. It is one of the best seller truck tires online with multiple positive reviews from the users.


  • Engineered tread pattern
  • Higher traction and grip


  • Lack of sidewall protection

5# Kumho Road Venture AT51 All-Terrain Tire

Kumho Road Venture AT51 All-Terrain Tire

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Last on the list is the Kumho road venture tires. As the name suggests it has been designed to be your truck companion over longer journeys. The company claims that the tread life of the tires will be 55,000 miles, which is impressive. They have made the tire to ensure that it provides an equal and better performance on any terrains. The tire provides great performance in off-road terrain and is perfect to be used in Truck/SUV. The tire is very lightweight at only 41.8 pounds and is one of the best options if you want to replace it with the stock tires. With a 16 inch diameter, this tire will perfectly fit your truck. Their tread life guarantee shows that the tires were built to last for a long time. Therefore, once you purchase the tire, you will be tension free for a lion time.


  • Lightweight and best for SUV and trucks
  • Provide excellent performance on all surfaces


  • Less sidewall protection

What to look out for?

Before you go out in the market to buy a truck tire on your own, check out for a few things that can majorly affect your decision while selecting the best off-road tires for the truck.

Load capacity

This is one of the most important things that one must look out for before selecting a tire. Everyone knows that we use a truck for driving long distances in one go, that too with heavy loads. Therefore, if the tire cannot handle the heavy load properly, it will never lead to good riding experience. Also, the major drawback of using a tire with low load capacity is that, with heavy loads, there is always a possibility of the tire bursting out. This can often lead to major accidents and loss of life.

Because of this, is it highly recommended to select tires that can handle the weight of the cargo and the vehicle easily. When you go out for selecting the tire, make sure you know the weight of the truck with the maximum load and weight the vehicle can handle. Once know, select a tire with a little higher load capacity than the weight of truck and cargo capacity combined. This is very important to make sure that the weight of the truck with the cargo is always lower than the load capacity of the tire, as it will not add any burden to the tires while riding the truck and will also give the tires a long and durable life. You can always have the peace of mind that tires will never burst out or malfunction in a ride.

Type of truck tires

Different truck tires are available in the market depending on the trucks LT, ST is a few terms that are used on the tires which means tires for Light truck (LT) or special trailer (ST). Before you buy the tires, check with the person at the store so you can buy the perfect tires for your vehicle. Before buying tires, you will see a lot of different markings on the tire. These marks are the details about the tire such as the type, size, measurement. Check and know the details about all the markings on the tires.

Tire Thread details

Since trucks are way heavier than other vehicles, the tread patterns on it are also designed differently. The tread patterns on such tires are much deeper and wider. Also, since the tires are much thicker, the tread patterns are designed that cover the entire area that comes in contact with the ground. Check if the tread patterns on the tire are suitable for multiple terrains and surfaces. If a truck tire can maintain the balance and grip on the off-road areas, it will most possibly drive well on normal surfaces.


Another important factor that one should look out for is the weight of the tire. Higher the weight of the tire, the more load on the engine. Since they make a truck to carry cargo and other things from one place to another, it requires a lot of power from the engine, especially in inclined places. Using heavier tires that the stock tires, will distribute the engine power and more power will be consumed because of the increased weight. Increased weight on tires provide an extra balance to the driving and better steering control, but it will also decrease the acceleration and speed of the truck.


Since truck needs to go for long-distance, they need tires that are strong and last for a long time. Many companies have used material that has been engineered to be much better than using nylon or rubber. The new engineered material is a combination of rubber, nylon and other things, that increases the durability of the tire. If not that, there are a lot of traditional tires with great construction and made of high-quality material, that will make the ride better.


The best off-road tires for the truck can easily be purchased with a little research about the tires. The list of tires above is the best option that one can buy with a little research. These tires have already been tested and used by hundreds of customers and have turned out to be the best from its category. However, if you want to buy it on your own, then look out for the features listed in the buys guide to picking the best one out in the market.

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