Top 10 Best BMX Tires (Reviews & Buying Guide) for 2020

Best BMX Tires is one of the favorite pastimes of youngsters and one of the most popular adventure sports as well in countries such as the USA, UK, Europe, etc. A BMX bike can cost a lot depending on the quality and the build of the bike. Since one who practices BMX uses it for multiple stunts such as jumps and twist, each part of the bike must be strong and well maintained. One thing that all the youngsters and professional BMX rider give the most priority to, is the BMX tire. Buying a BMX tire is the only way to have the best performance from your bike. Unless you have a good grip on the surface through the tire, you will not be able to use the BMX bike properly.

Tires are the first point of contact for the bicycle with the ground and bad quality tires will often lead the bike to skid, which can result in multiple and serious injuries. Using a good set of types on the BMX bike makes all the difference and it will easily be noticed by the rider. BMX types come in different types of shapes and patterns on the type depending on the type of surface it will be used for and the build of the bike. Let’s have a look at some of the features one should look for before purchasing a BMX tire.

What to look out for while buying the tires

What to look out for while buying the tires

BMX tire is very crucial for the performance of the bike. If the tires are not good, you will not be able to handle the bike properly and will misbalance the bike. While buying a new set of BMX tires there are a lot of things one needs to keep in mind, to get those perfect pairs.

Tire Width

When you go out to buy the BMX tires for your bike, there will be a lot of different options available at the store. Depending on the bike, you will be offered tires with different width, small, medium or large width. The tire width plays a very important role in how your BMX bike will perform on the surface. Using tires with less width will reduce the weight of your bike, allowing you to take bigger jumps and stunts in the air, but it does compromise on the grip on the surface.

Similarly using a tire with more width, will gradually increase the weight of your bike, and lead to less airtime while in air, jumping or performing a jump, but this weight also gives the bike an advantage of surface grip. With a heavy and wide tire, you can be sure that your bike will not skid or fall due to the grip on the surface. The tire width would also depend on the type of bike you have. The shorter the bike, the medium to smaller width tires will suit the bike. Bigger size bikes can use large tires. Also, make sure to check the width of the tire from the base and the sides of the tires, as it can be different.

Tire Pattern

Tire pattern means the type of grip or the pattern drawn over the types and the shape it has while touching the surface. A plane rubber surface of the tires will have no grip or friction on the surface and will immediately slip. This is why tire companies draw these patterns on the tires to promote grip. Now a person can find multiple types of tire patterns in the market. Some are meant for general use that provides a decent grip on any surface. While some are made for specific terrain and surface. BMX tire industries have separate types for providing extra grip on wet areas, sandy areas, rugged surfaces, etc. If you want to perform and practice on a specific surface, then tires with a specific pattern will suit you more. However, for multiple surfaces, the pattern with a decent grip on every surface would be the best.

Also, the BMX tires have different types of patterns in the market such as raised knobs, aggressive tread, etc. Tire patterns like aggressive tread are great for providing grip to the bike but are very sluggish and slow to operate.


When you go out to buy a BMX tire for your bike, the most common types of tire you will find online and offline are the rubber tires. These tires have been able to work properly on the bikes and provided excellent working for years. However, with constant innovation and improved technology, the companies have also introduced costlier and better options in the market. Now types made out of kevlar are also storming the market, which is much lighter and sturdy when compared to the rubber types. The most important benefit of using it is that the tire is lightweight and provides extra grip on the surface.

Load capacity and ratio

These are the most important things that one should properly research before selecting the BMX tire for their bike. Load capacity is the amount of load that your bike can hold. Normally, the load capacity is the rider’s weight. However, when the rider uses it for stunts and other things, the weight load on the tire goes many folds as soon as it touches the ground. Therefore, a tire with extra load capacity will make sure that they can handle the impact with the surface while doing a stunt or a jump. If the tires are not good at holding the load, they can explode or get damaged, leading to an accident, where the rider can get hurt.

Another important thing is the aspect ratio of the tires. The aspect ratio indicates the relation of the section height to section width of the tire. The lower the aspect ratio of the tire is, the better you will be able to steer your bike. The less aspect ratio of the tires makes it very easy to handle the bike and easy turning through the steering.

Now let’s have a look at the selection of BMX tires that are great in every sense and are one of the most popular pairs that people prefer to buy for their BMX bikes.

1. KENDA MX K50 BMX Bicycle Tire

KENDA MX K50 BMX Bicycle Tire

  • ● Great quality built
  • ● Grippy tread patterns
  • ● Side lug are not thick, exposing it to wear and tear

If you are looking for a broader tire with a good tread pattern that can easily last you while riding on an off-road track with excellent traction and grip, then this is the tire for you. This tire has been made with good quality material to make sure that it can handle any surface. The tread pattern provides excellent traction and drip on the surface. It is a right, basic tire that can support 40-60psi. The tire will adjust and can be used on almost all the BMX bike models and is an excellent tire for beginners as well. The tire also increases the balance and improves the riding quality of the bike. All in all, a perfect BMX tire in the budget category can do almost everything.



  • ● Best tread pattern design for traction and grip on the surface
  • ● Made of soft durometer rubber for increased speed
  • ● Not meant for BMX bikes meant specially designed for jumps
  • ● Expensive

Innova has been one of the best brands when it comes to BMX tires. These high-performance tires are made for performing racing and dirt ramps. The tire features an aggressive tread pattern that digs deep in the surface to provide excellent traction to the bike. Similarly, the open design of the tire sheds any stuck muds on the tire immediately. The center tread of the tire is smooth to lower rolling resistance and is made out of softer durometer of rubber to provide increased speed and grip. All these features make this tire one of the most popular used in its category. The high-quality design not only makes it great for performance but also increases the durability and life of the tire.

3. Sunlite MX3 BMX Tires

Sunlite MX3 BMX Tires

  • ● Entry-level tire under budget
  • ● Durable casing to prevent punctures
  • ● The tires are not broad enough with less thickness.

This BMX tire from Sunlight is an entry-level tire for all those riders who are in the learning phase. The tire has been designed with a high-quality compound that helps it to prevent flats. Durable casing outside will protect the tire from maximum damage due to dust and dirt. The construction of this entry-level tire makes it durable enough to run for an extended period, without needing to replace it in a little time of usage. The tires are marked as an entry-level BMX tire due to which the cost of the tire starts from $8.99 and comes under the budget as well. The tire can provide the right amount of traction and grip on the surface due to its tread patterns. If you are looking for a good quality entry-level tire that can fulfill almost all your requirements within a budget, then this is the one to go for.

4. Diamondback L-Train Freestyle BMX Tires

Diamondback L-Train Freestyle BMX

  • ● All use the versatile tire for BMX
  • ● Sure-grip tread pattern to provide extra traction and grip
  • ● Extra durability for extended life.
  • ● Thicker sidewall cause a fitting issue

When it comes to sound quality tires that can fulfill the requirements of almost all the BMX riders, then this tire from Diamondback comes first on the list. This 20-inch tire is meant and designed for versatile riding on a BMX bike. This tire is ideal for use on track, trail, street, mud, dirt, and vert use. The bike comes with oversized sure-grip tread patterns to make sure that it provides a good grip on the surface with increased traction. The bike supports 65 PSI max pressure and has a robust profile for increased durability of the tire. The tire also has a wire-bad Blackwall wire that improves the overall strength of the tire. Due to the slim profile, the tires can also be used for jumping on BMX bikes, that most tires are unable to do. For someone who wants to do everything with their BMX bike, this is the tire to go for at an appropriate budget.

5. Bell BMX Bike Tires

Bell BMX Bike Tires

  • ● Good Quality tires
  • ● Comes under a budget range
  • ● Sidewalls does not have much protection

When it comes to flat defense tires, then this model from Bell BMX bike tires is probably one of the most popular in terms of functionality and durability. The company claims that this tire can last much longer than any other flat defense tires in the market. The quality of the tire seems to be of good quality and can easily handle the right amount of load. The outer casing has been made with good quality material that can prevent small wear and tear with punctures. These tires are wide and broad and can work well on roads and surfaces with dirt and mud.

6. Goodyear Folding Bead BMX Bike Tire

Goodyear Folding Bead BMX Bike Tire

  • ● Light Weight Tires
  • ● Folding Bead Design
  • ● Can be used in any 20-inch bike
  • ● The tires do not provide adequate grip on a wet surface

Goodyear has been one of the most brands globally when it comes to BMX tire manufacturing. Be it cars, bikes, racing vehicles or BMX bikes, wherever you need tires, Goodyear name will definitely be recommended. This product is the perfect pair of tires for a BMX bike. This folding bead 20-inch tires provide enough grip on any kind of surface and are perfect for a BMX bike. Due to the folding bead design instead of steel, the weight of the tire is much lighter and does not add to the bike weight.

This tire can fit rims of up to 1.5-2.125 inches. The tire can be used on a BMX bike, freestyle or any other 20-inch bike. This tire comes in universal black color and has a vertical and horizontal pattern to provide maximum grip on roads and wet surfaces. The tire weighs around 1.2 pounds and can handle the air pressure of around 35-65. However, the ideal PSI pressure will depend on the rider and the riding conditions.

7.  Odyssey Sunday Street Sweeper Tire

Odyssey Sunday Street Sweeper Tire

  • ● Attractive color option for the user
  • ● A dual compound used in construction
  • ● Thicker tire sides
  • ● The tires are not meant to provide grip on all surfaces.

When it comes to BMX tires, Odyssey has a lot of variety to offer for the customer. This tire in specific is one of the best selling tires with positive customers review. The tire comes in a beautiful purple color and will add to the design of your BMX bike. This tire is a Jake Seeley signature. The tires have been specially designed with dual-compound to make sure that it can handle any kind of rough surface.

The tire has been designed in such a way that the rider gets more control over the steering. The tread of the tire is less dense and the sides of the tire are thicker and deeper. These tires can handle a max PSI of 100 and are very durable and will handle any impact. They are available in different colors like complete black, Green and Black and Purple and Black. The tire just weighs 1 pound and

8. SUNLITE Freestyle BMX Kontact Tire

SUNLITE Freestyle BMX Kontact Tire

  • ● Multiple color option
  • ● Directionally grooved tacky tread
  • ● Great for grip on patchy surfaces and parks
  • ● The decent grip on a wet surface, nothing exceptional

Sunlite Freestyle BMX tires have been made with extreme caution and precision to make sure that the grip on the tires is equal on all surfaces. Due to this, these Park/Street tires have directionally grooved tacky tread patterns which prevent any types of skid due to wet or patchy surface. The tire weighs around 7.2 ounces and is very light. The tires can be bought in different colors to add to the design of the bike. The available colors are white, Black and Orange, Red and Black and White. The tire looks very attractive and is great for any BMX freestyle bike. The average customer reviews for this product have been very positive and is one of the best selling tires from Sunlite. The 20-inch tire can be used on any 20-inch bike. These tires could be the perfect partner for your kid’s BMX bike.

9. Maxxis 20X2.1 M-Tread BMX Tire

Maxxis 20X2.1 M-Tread BMX Tire

  • ● Great grip and balance
  • ● Best for BMX bikes and use on dirt tracks
  • ● Wired type lightweight tire
  • ● Unable to provide good grip on wet and cemented surface

Maxxis is one of the known brands when it comes to the tire for the bike. The quality they have been providing in heir offerings has been great and this is why they are one of the most preferred tire companies for BMX bikes. These tire in specific have been designed specially to provide extra grip and balance on dirt tracks. The 20-inch wheel size is wired and provides good load support. Due to its design, the tire is very lightweight and mostly used for BMX and Dirt. The tire only weighs 1.76 pounds. It has been made with MPC, which is a rubber compound. Also, the thicker woven carcass provides extra durability and life to the tire. The tire tread has a directionally grooved pattern to make sure that it gets a good grip on the dirt track.

10. Schwinn Bicycle Tire

Schwinn Bicycle Tire

  • ● The best quality rubber material
  • ● Deep tread pattern for all-terrain grip
  • ● Lightweight
  • ● The sides of the tire can be thicker

Schwinn bicycle and BMX tire are one of the best tires in the market when it comes to a better tire tread pattern. The pattern on this tire has been designed in such a way that it provides maximum grip on all kinds of surfaces. The pattern has been created with different height levels to make sure that it can self-balance on patches and uneven surfaces. The product has thousands of positive reviews online which show the kind of quality one gets with these tire. This tire can easily be used on any 20-inch bike. Schwinn has been one of the oldest tire brands and has been known to provide good quality tires since 1895. It can easily inflate with the PSI in the range from 40-65.

How To Choose The Correct Tire For My BMX Bike

How To Choose The Correct Tire For My BMX Bike

Choosing a correct tire for a BMX bike depends on the type of BMX bike being used and the track it will be used on. BMX bikes are available for both professionals and those who are just on the learning curve. Since the tires used for professionals have a different requirement from learners, the dimension, width, and the quality of material used to make those tires are also different. BMX bikes are mainly used for jumping, to be used on roads or mountains. What differentiates one BMX tire from another is the width, which depends on the use. Use wide or fat tires in a BMX if you are using it on a surface with sand to provide you a better grip. Mountain bikes have standard tire width, whereas road bikes are just slightly broader than tires for mountain bikes. For kids or learners, one should always go for slim tires. In case you are using the BMX bikes for stunts, jumping, etc., then using a slim tire would still be recommended. Also, make sure the BMX tires meant for off roads and mountain areas should always have a better tread pattern.



No matter which BMX tire you buy, the features mentioned above should always be kept in mind. Also, the products listed above are some of the best tires that have been purchased and loved by the consumers. If you are planning to buy any of these best BMX tires, the links are given above. Also, you can check and try many other different BMX tires that provide you the best grip regardless of surface and perfect steering control.

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