Top 10 Best ATV Tires for Snow (Reviews & Buying Tips) for 2020

Selecting a new pair of tires for your ATV requires a lot of information that helps us to choose the best tire. Since ATVs are all-terrain vehicles, it makes them in such a way that they can grip any surface. However, for the surface with snow, things are a little different. Best ATV tires for snow have a different tire tread pattern and shape. An ATV can work in all terrains, so the types built for the vehicles can handle any surface including the snow. An ATV tire is thick and has all-round protection both from the surface and the sides of the tire to avoid any damage. Mostly made of rubber and high-grade nylon, these tires can provide a proper balance and steering to your ATV. Normally ATV tires can size between 25-27 inches for tires. Also, these tires have a wide tread pattern and a dust slip material, so that the dust does not stick to it and the tire does not skid in any such a situation.

There are different snow in an area, such as deep snow, new snow which is lighter, wet snow, heavy snow and so on. The main function of the tire should be to keep themselves above the snow. If the tires stay atop the snow, just like they work in the sand, then they can provide you the best and the most comfortable ride. The only way a tire can do that is by having a wide base. The wider the tire is, the easier it becomes for it to ride on the snow.

ATV Tires for Snow Buying Tips

Best ATV Tires for Snow

The most important factor that one should look for while buying an ATV tire for snow is the grip on a wet surface. In areas where snow is consistently melting, leading to wet surfaces, the ATV tire should perfectly work on the wet surface and should not skid on it. This quality of material used in making such tires is of very high quality, and even the low temperature of snow cannot affect them. If you are out in the market to buy a new set of ATV tire for your vehicles and especially for an area with snow, then there are a few things you should check out before selecting the perfect one. Also, there are a lot of other brands in the market, which provide the best quality ATV tire for snow surfaces. We will mention them below so you can also select from the popular people’s choice for ATV tires.

These features are very necessary when you need to buy the best ATV tire for snow. However, if you cannot select the best one out in the market, then you can also check the tires mentioned below for the snow surface. These tires have positive reviews from the customer and have been the best tires for an ATV.

1. Sedona Mud Rebel 6 Ply 25-11.00-10 ATV Tire

Sedona Mud Rebel 6 Ply 25-11.00-10 ATV Tire

  • ● Great quality 6-ply construction
  • ● Better traction with tread design
  • ● Lack of thickness on sidewall

Sedona is known for providing high-quality tires for an ATV, and this one is no exception to the list. This tire comes for $80 and is one of the most high quality built tires in the market. The tire has an aggressive tread design that features angled lugs to achieve higher traction. The sidewall lugs have been designed to improve the traction over the previous version of tires in deep ruts. Due to the heavy 6-ply construction, the tire provides an excellent steering response while driving and is puncture resistant. Therefore, you do not have to worry about regular punctures and the use of spare on this tire.

2. Carlisle HD Field Trax ATV Tire

Carlisle HD Field Trax ATV Tire

  • ● The heavy bottom gives more strength and balance
  • ● Handles any surface easily
  • ● Very expensive

This tire from Carlisle is one of the best quality tires you can buy for your ATV. It is thick; the high quality can handle any roads and, most importantly, will last you a long time. These tires are much broader than all the others in the category and come with a linear criss-cross tread design that makes it suitable to drive the vehicle on multiple surfaces. The tire also provides excellent traction control and steering balance to the vehicle. Due to its ample wheelbase, it stays connected to the road, and you will never feel the lack of control on any surface while driving. With the price tag of around $95, it seems to be a bit on the expensive side. However, what it lacks in budget, it makes in the quality. If you are looking for quality tires for your ATV and are not hesitant in spending a bit extra for just one tire, then this should be the obvious choice for you.

3. Kenda Bearclaw K299 ATV Tire

Kenda Bearclaw K299 ATV Tire

  • ● Available at less than $60
  • ● Tread design specially made to provide more grip on the road.
  • ● More thickness can be added to side lugs

If you are looking for a tire that can provide you an enjoyable driving experience over snow or wet surface, then this is probably the best one you can buy. The tire is specially designed for used use in towns and cities and not on highways. The tire features an angled knob so that it can dig into the terrain for maximum traction. It is very useful on snow surfaces where the tire has to dig through snow to get a good grip on the road. The tires have been designed with 6-ply construction, which makes it more durable, due to which it can easily resist punctures. Therefore, you will not have to deal with punctures very often. The center lug of the tire provides extra traction on the surface for better control over the vehicle and steering. It also has built-in rims guards to protect the vehicle from any dings and dents. The tire is made from a long-range tread compound, adding to its durability and has the load capacity of 340 pounds apart from being tubeless.

4. Carlisle All Trail ATV Tire

Carlisle All Trail ATV Tire

  • ● Great for harsh and dry surface
  • ● Wider base
  • ● Lacks thickness on the side lugs

Here is another offering from Carlisle for ATV that offers superior driving and handling to the driver. This tire has been designed to provide maximum grip on the surface with dust dirt and mud. The broader design of the tire is excellent to provide an excellent grasp on the surface. Due to the more extensive wheelbase, the tires provide extra grip while driving that enhances not only the driving experience but also increases the traction on the surface. The tire has been made to be puncture-resistant, and you will not have to face many issues while using it. The older version has inspired the tread design with proper modification over criss-cross treads. The overall quality of the tire is excellent but is a little expensive, with coming under $97.

5. ITP Mud Lite AT Mud Terrain ATV Tire

ITP Mud Lite AT Mud Terrain ATV Tire

  • ● Comes at a price under $62, which is excellent as per the quality
  • ● Best gripping tires on the mud surface
  • ● The tread seems to wear out sooner

This ATV tire from ITP is one of the popular tires in the market when it comes to driving on a mud or dirt surface. The tire tread design has been made in a way to dig deep in the mud and provide a better grip to the tires. The tire has a ¾ inch lug, and size has been designed to fit the older models of ATV perfectly.These tires can help to increase the performance of the vehicle as it is made from extended wear rubber compound, which does not wear off quickly and can last for a very long time. The tire has been constructed with a 6-ply construction and has a unique center tread to provide a smooth radial like a ride when it comes in contact with the road.

6. Set of 4 SunF Power. I ATV UTV all-terrain Tires

Set of 4 SunF Power. I ATV UTV all-terrain Tires

  • ● Heavy-duty built
  • ● All-terrain high performance
  • ● Aggressive shoulder for side protection
  • ● The tires are heavier than stock tires

These are undoubtedly the ATV tire for snow available online. These tires have hundreds of positive customer reviews, showing how durable these tires have been on snow and other terrains. These tires come with Directional angled knobby tread design for high performance on all terrains. The material used in making these tires is of premium quality with hard compound to withstand any condition and give a long and durable life to the tire. The tire comes in a set of 4 and can easily be used in ATV, UTV, golf carts, etc. The 6 ply rated construction makes sure that it can resist punctures and abrasions. The Lug depth and pattern offers better skid and traction control. The tire also has aggressive shoulder nobs to make sure that the sides of the tire are well protected. The tires weigh 92 pounds and are great for multiple vehicles.

7. MASSFX Grinder Series ATV Dual Compound Tread Mud Sand Snow and Rock Tire

MASSFX Grinder Series ATV Dual Compound Tread Mud Sand Snow and Rock Tires

  • ● Great quality built material
  • ● Chip and tear-resistant rubber built
  • ● Integrated sidewall protectors.
  • ● The heavyweight of the tire makes the vehicle heavy.

These 6 ply rated, heavy-duty solid built tires are one of the best options available in the market. The tires have been designed with Chip and tear-resistant rubber, with a dual compound. The tires also have an aggressive tread block design with patented knobs. The tire also has an integrated sidewall protector to prevent any kind of sidewall cuts and abrasion. The tire has a special sidewall traction design that wraps down the sidewall and adds extra strength and traction shoulders and sidewall area of the tire. This tire has a rim size of 12 inches and a section width of 10 inches. The tire has been designed in such a way that it provides extra grip and traction in an area similar to desert or a snowy area. The foot size fo the tire is wide and provides great control and balance to the steering.

8. SunF Power. I ATV/UTV all-terrain Tires

SunF Power. I ATV/UTV all-terrain Tires

  • ● Directional angled tread design
  • ● Ply 6 rated construction
  • ● Aggressive shoulder knows design.
  • ● Lack of protection to the sidewalls.

SunF has been one of the most famous and popular tire manufacturers for ATV and UTV. These sets of tires are no different from the type of quality they offer in the tire market. The tires have been 6 plies constructed to prevent punctures and abrasions. Directional angled knobby tread design provides great traction and anti-skid performance to the vehicle. The tires have been specifically designed to perform best in the dirt, mud, snow, and desert. The tire has been made with premium and hard compound to make sure that the tire has a long and durable life. Lug depth and pattern offer enhanced skid and traction control. Aggressive shoulder nobs provide a lot of protection to the side of the tire. These are the ATV tire for snow and will withstand any rough patches along the way.

9. SunF 24×8-11 24×10-11 ATV UTV Tires

SunF 24x8-11 24x10-11 ATV UTV Tires

  • ● Aggressive shoulder desing
  • ● Ply 6 nylon construction
  • ● Durable for all terrains
  • ● Lack of side protection

This is another offering from SunF that has been designed to mount on an 11-inch rim. The tire size is 24” and has directional angled knobby tread design. This tread design has been followed in many different tires by SunF, as it provides a great grip on all kinds of surfaces. Aggressive shoulder knobs provide good protection to the sides of the tires. Lug depth and pattern offer enhanced skid and traction control, which is great for grip on all different terrains. The tires are great to be used on an ATV, UTV, GO kart, Golf kart, etc. Premium rubber in hard compound construction provides a great built which makes sure that it can handle multiple impacts and harshest track condition. These are one of the ATV tires on snow and can easily last for a long time.

10. Set of 4 SunF A027 XC 22×7-10 Front & 20×10-9 Rear ATV UTV Knobby Sport Tires

Set of 4 SunF A027 XC 22x7-10 Front & 20x10-9 Rear ATV UTV Knobby Sport Tires

  • Great traction and skid control
  • Directional X angled knobby tread design
  • High 6 ply rated construction
    • ● Great traction and skid control
    • ● Directional X angled knobby tread design
    • ● High 6 ply rated construction
    • ● Tires are heavier and will add to the vehicle weight

The set of four tires from SunF comes with two 20 and two 22’’ size tires. The tires have the same protection and quality features as in the other tires from SunF.  They can easily fit the rim size of 10 and 9 inches. The tread design on this tire is different from the others. It comes with Directional “X” angled knobby tread design that provides great traction and skid protection on all surfaces, especially snowy areas. Tires are perfect to be fit on UTV, ATV, golf cart, go-kart, etc.  The heavy 6 ply construction makes the tire puncture-resistant and abrasion-resistant. Similar to the other tires from SunF this tire also has Lug depth and pattern offering enhanced skid and traction control. The tire provides great performance in deserts, mud, dirt, snow and other terrains. The tire also has an aggressive shoulder knob that provides side bite and traction.

What to look out for?


What to look out for

With so many tire options available in the market, let’s have a look at the basic and common features, which you should look out for before buying an appropriate tire.

Wider tire thickness

Before buying a tire for an ATV, one needs to make sure that the tread pattern is good to provide a better grip on all surfaces. The material used to make the tire should be thick, etc. However, in snow, the most important thing that one needs to look out for is the width of the tire. The width of the tire should be more, to make sure that the tire can easily work atop the snow, instead of digging in deep. It is very similar to how a tire works in the sand. The tire with more thickness and width will stay on the top of the sand and will not go inside it. A similar thing happens with a surface having snow. Therefore, before buying a tire for a snow surface, make sure that the tire is wider and thicker. Also, the sidewall of the tires should also be thicker to provide better traction.

Tread Pattern

The most important part of a tire is the tread pattern on it. This helps to provide tractions and grip on any kind of surface. Since ATV’s can work on all-terrain, it also means their tires to do the same. These tires have a wide tread pattern that can help to adjust on any surface. These tread patterns should be directional and should be thick enough to run for a long time. Most of the ATV tires in the market come with a diagonal flow of tread patterns that help to provide a lot of grip while running. You can look out for the multiple tread patterns available in the market offline or online and get the information on the tread pattern. Some tread patterns are better than the other, but the choice depends on the surface you will run your vehicle on.


Weight is a very important factor while choosing the tires for an ATV. If the weight of the tire is more than the stock tire weight, then it will add additional load on the engine. Not only that its increases the overall weight of the vehicle and one also have to adjust the shockers as per the weight. However, heavy tires also bring more balance and traction while riding. Also, heavy tires are thick and wider, increasing the grip on the surface. If you cannot judge the proper weight of the tires that you need to purchase, you can go with a similar weight as the stock tires had to be on the safer side. Also, only select heavier tires if you can compensate for the acceleration. This is because the increase in weight of the vehicle also increases the time for a car to increase the speed.

Types of Atv tires

There are different types of ATV tires available in the market, majorly depending on the brand and the kind of tread patterns it has. ATV tires can be made from different types of material or technology which differentiate them. ATV tires are mainly built to last and handle all other types of weather and surface. Therefore different types of ATV tires are also available in the market, which is specially made for specific types of terrain. Most commonly, two types of ATV tires are sold in the market, which is as mentioned below.

Radial tires

These types of tires are the most popular ones in the market and used on most of the ATV’s globally. These tires have increased life and strength due to its construction. In a radial tire, multiple-ply cords are extended from bead to bead parallel, which increases the overall strength of the tire. They are also integrated with the stabilizer belts to increase the stability and shape of the tire. Due to this, the tire provides better traction on the surface and also improves the steering experience. With that said, radial tires are one of the most preferred types of ATC tires in the market.

Bias Ply tires

Bias-ply tires are made with a distinctive diagonal and criss-cross pattern to provide the tire design extra durability and strength. 6ply, 8ply are standard terms that are used with these types of tires. The higher the play count, the stronger the tire is. The tires are designed for ATVs that have to travel more on rocky surfaces and surfaces for the trail. For such tracks, the tire needs to be more durable and more effective in all terrains. These tires have ply cords extended diagonally to increase the strength.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What makes a great ATV snow tire?

A. An ATV tire for snow is made distinctively to provide superior grip on the tracks with snow. These tires have a larger and broader wheelbase with parallel running tread patterns, which provide more traction in the snow surface. These tires are also made with superior quality rubber that provides a better grip over the slippery surface.

Q. Can you put ATV tires on a car or mower?

A. It usually is not recommended for one to use the same tires on a mower or a car. However, these tires can be used on a mower, and it will perform in the same way as before. However, if the ATV tire is larger, then one needs to relevel the mower to accommodate the size of the new tire. Similarly, you can also use the same tire on the Car as well.

Q. How are ATV tires measured?

A. Two things measure ATV tires, the height of the tire and its width. The width of the tire is what decides how stable the vehicle would be on the surface and how reasonable steering control it can provide. Also, the height of the ATV is what determines the type of vehicle it is meant for.

Q. Which ATV tire works best on snow and ice?

A. Some of the most commonly used and popular ATV tires for snow surface is Kenda K299 Bear Claw ATV Bias Tire, ITP Mud Lite AT Tire, SunF Power. I ATV all-terrain, Set of 4 New WANDA ATV Tires, Pair of Kenda Bear Claw (6ply) ATV Tires. There are a lot of other brands providing high-quality ATV tires for snow surfaces, which one can find both online and offline.                                   

Q. Do I need ATV snow tires?

A. If you have an ATV and you are mostly using the vehicle over a snow surface, then having an ATV tire designed to work on snow is very necessary. Using a snow tire will help to provide a stable grip on the road and will ensure your safety as well.

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If you are looking for the best ATV tires for snow, then the above list is one of the best and the most popular in the category. The tires listed above have hundreds of positive reviews and provide a great grip on the snowy tracks. The tires come with the best tread design to provide great traction. You can either buy the recommended product or buy one from the market after checking the features listed above. This will make sure that the tire you purchase has all the features and provides exceptional performance on all terrains. So the next time you are replacing your stock tires for the ATV, you know what to look out for.

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